About Types of UTL Solar Inverter

A solar inverter is a major component of any solar energy system and you need it to convert the direct current (DC) electricity generated by solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity for your home appliances. The chain of the solar panels is connected in a group to the solar inverter which is further connected to solar battery or utility grid. There are three types of UTL solar inverter that is given below.

Types of UTL Solar Inverter
Types of UTL Solar Inverter

A solar inverter is better known as the brain of a photovoltaic system. When it comes to the variations or different types of UTL solar inverter then they can be classified into three types, mentioned below:

  1. On-Grid Solar Inverter
  2. Off-Grid Solar Inverter
  3. Hybrid Solar Inverter

Solar inverters can be differentiated from each other on the basis of their functionalities. Let's see, which type of UTL solar inverter is best under which condition.

Types of Solar Inverter

  1. On-grid Solar Inverter
  2. Off-grid Solar Inverter
  3. Hybrid Solar Inverter


On-Grid Solar Inverter

An inverter that is associated with the utility grid can be said to be a grid-tie/on-grid solar inverter. These solar inverters are specially designed to automatically shut down once sensing a loss of supply from the utility. UTL on-grid solar inverter are high-quality inverters that convert the DC electrical power generated by solar panels into AC power, suitable for power your appliances and injecting into the electrical utility grid. UTL on-grid solar inverters are modern inverters with a fixed unity power factor, which means its output voltage and current are perfectly lined up.

UTL On-grid solar inverter
UTL On-grid solar inverter

An on-grid solar inverter is usually installed with an on-grid solar system that is the most common and widely used photovoltaic system nowadays. These systems do not need solar batteries and are directly connected to the public electricity grid. In such a solar system, any excess solar power that you generate is exported to the electricity grid and you usually get paid through feed-in tariff (FiT) or credit for the energy you export.

UTL On-Grid Solar Inverter Models

UTL offers various models and a wide range of on-grid solar inverters to meet the requirements of its consumers. Our grid-tie solar inverters are available both in single-phase and three-phase with high-efficiency inbuilt MPPT technology. These inverters also come with inbuilt remote or web monitoring features.

On-grid Inverter Model MRP ( Inclusive of all Taxes ) Discounted Price ( Inclusive of all Taxes )
1kW 1P On-grid Inverter Rs. 28,000  Rs. 22,619
2kW 1P On-grid Inverter  Rs. 29,000  Rs. 26,390
3kW 1P On-grid Inverter  Rs. 30,600  Rs. 28,500
3.2kW 1P On-grid Inverter
4kW 1P On-grid Inverter  Rs. 40,000  Rs. 36,871
4.2kW 1P On-grid Inverter
4.6kW 1P On-grid Inverter  Rs. 46,400  Rs. 42,977
5kW 1P On-grid Inverter  Rs. 53,000  Rs. 46,748
5.2kW 3P On-grid Inverter
5.5kW 3P On-grid Inverter
6.6kW 3P On-grid Inverter
11kW 3P On-grid Inverter  Rs. 1,05,000  Rs. 93,494
12kW 3P On-grid Inverter  Rs. 1,10,000  Rs. 96,510
10kW 3P On-grid Inverter
15kW 3P On-grid Inverter  Rs. 1,20,000  Rs. 1,17,623
20kW 3P On-grid Inverter
50kW 3P On-grid Inverter  Rs. 3,10,000  Rs. 2,50,325
60kW 3P On-grid Inverter  Rs. 3,20,000  Rs. 2,83,500

Off-Grid Solar Inverter

Where an on-grid solar inverter can work with utility grid, the off-grid solar inverter requires a battery bank to function. An off-grid solar inverter is also known as Stand-Alone Solar Inverter and Battery Inverter.  These inverters take that DC power generated by solar panels and “inverts” it, creating AC power for your home. They extract the maximum possible power from the solar panel and charge the solar battery very efficiently which helps to increase their lifespan.

An off-grid solar inverter is genuinely get installed with an off-grid solar system that involves solar panels and battery storage. By choosing off-grid inverters, power outages, and other technical issues in the utility grid will no longer be effective and can’t spoil your memorable movements anymore. These solar inverters are beneficial for peoples living in such areas where electricity is a major problem.

Off-Grid Solar Inverter Range

UTL off-grid solar inverters are one of the smart ways to save your money and efforts. Our off-grid inverters provide numerous benefits when compared to other kinds of inverter. UTL offers a wide range of HELIAC, SHAMSI, GAMMA+, GAMMA, and ALFA+ solar inverters in the off-grid category at reasonable prices. You can see the details below.

Off-Grid Solar Inverters Power Range Discounted Price Range ( Inclusive of all Taxes )
Heliac Solar Home Inverter 850VA – 3500VA Rs. 7,431 - Rs. 26,040
Shamsi Solar Home Inverter 675VA – 1475VA Rs. 4,978 - Rs. 8,334
Gamma+ MPPT Solar Inverter 1kVA (12V & 24V) Rs. 11,764
Gamma Solar PCU 2kVA – 5kVA Rs. 29,477 - Rs. 55,709
Alfa+ Solar PCU 1kVA – 15kVA Rs. 21,220 - Rs. 2,06,818


Hybrid Solar Inverter

Hybrid solar inverters are also known as multi-mode inverters that are the heart of any simple, cost-effective home battery storage system. A hybrid solar inverter combines the functionality of two separate pieces of equipment into one. UTL hybrid solar inverters are smart and trending generation solar inverter with an integrated battery inverter/charger that combines the work of a grid-tie solar inverter and battery inverter. It not only transforms a DC current into alternating current and charges the solar battery but it also put this current into the national power grid.

UTL’s all-in-one hybrid solar inverter is fully versatile for solar photovoltaic installations, especially for solar applications that use renewable energy. Our hybrid solar inverters use energy meters and software which are especially program to determine the most effective use of your available energy. It increases energy resilience by providing backup power in case of a grid outage and maximizes energy independence through self-consumption.

UTL Hybrid Solar Inverter Models

The UTL design premium quality hybrid solar inverters with Bi-directional feature, named as “Sigma+ Hybrid Solar Inverter”. There is a complete series of Sigma+ hybrid solar inverters starting from 1kVA to 15kVA power rating. Our hybrid solar inverters are easy to carry, maintain, and install as well.

Hybrid Solar Inverter Model MRP ( Inclusive of all Taxes ) Discounted Price ( Inclusive of all Taxes )
1kVA 24V Sigma+ Solar Inverter Rs. 38,070 Rs. 34,434
2kVA 48V Sigma+ Solar Inverter Rs. 49,975 Rs. 45,198
3kVA 48V Sigma+ Solar Inverter Rs. 67,895 Rs. 61,408
4kVA 48V Sigma+ Solar Inverter Rs. 87,490 Rs. 79,138
5kVA 96V Sigma+ Solar Inverter Rs. 97,990 Rs. 88,635
7.5kVA 120V Sigma+ Solar Inverter Rs. 1,53,990 Rs. 1,39,290
10kVA 120V Sigma+ Solar Inverter Rs. 2,16,990 Rs. 1,96,278
10kVA 180V Sigma+ Solar Inverter Rs. 1,98,090 Rs. 1,79,182
15kVA 240V Sigma+ Solar Inverter Rs. 2,79,990 Rs. 2,53,266


What is an off-grid solar inverter?

An off-grid solar inverter is a basic type of solar inverter that requires a battery bank to perform its work.


Which is the best solar inverter among on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid solar inverters?

All types of solar inverters are best in their own way. Just choose the suitable type of solar inverter for you and enjoy it.


Which type of solar inverter can be directly connected and use with a solar system?

You can connect grid-tied/on-grid solar inverter directly with a solar system.


What is the main work of a solar inverter?

A solar inverter converts DC electricity into AC electricity and charges the solar battery efficiently. It also sends excess electricity to the utility grid.


Can I use an on-grid solar inverter with an off-grid solar system?

If you have an off-grid solar system, go for an off-grid solar inverter.


What is the benefit of a grid-tie solar inverter?

An on-grid solar inverter helps you to reduce your electricity bill.


Can I convert my existing inverter into a solar inverter?

You need to install a solar charge controller to converter your existing inverter into a solar inverter.

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