UTL Off-Grid Solar Inverter

About Off-Grid Solar Inverter

In UTL Off grid solar inverters are better known as stand-alone solar inverters, mostly used in an off-grid solar system. If we see then, a solar inverter is a type of electrical converter which converts the variable direct current (DC) output of a photovoltaic (PV) solar panel into a utility frequency alternating current (AC) that can be used by an off-grid electrical network i.e. your home appliances and solar batteries. Off-grid solar inverters have special functions adapted for use with photovoltaic arrays, including maximum power point tracking and anti-islanding protection.

UTL Offgrid Solar Inverter
UTL Off-grid Solar Inverter

The current from solar panel goes straight into the stand-alone solar inverter which converts it into usable AC current which is the standard electrical current used to power all home appliances. In case, the generated energy is excess then your power consumption then it automatically stored excess power in the solar battery. During frequent/long power cuts or power outages, an off-grid solar inverter will draw this stored energy from the battery bank. An off-grid solar inverter is highly useful in remote areas/places where the regular electricity supply does not reach or it is very expensive to implement. It is ideal for small rural facilities, remote telecommunication systems, and country/beach houses.

UTL Off-Grid Solar Inverter Range

UTL offers extremely efficient, high quality, and the most advanced off-grid technology solar inverters. The UTL design different series and various models of stand-alone solar inverters. HELIAC, SHAMSI, GAMMA+, GAMMA, and ALFA+ are our best-selling solar inverter series in the off-grid category. These inverters are available in wide power ratings as mentioned below.

Off-Grid Solar Inverter Model Rating – VA Discounted Price Range ( Inclusive of all Taxes )
HELIAC Solar Home PCU 1050kVA (50A/12V) – 3550kVA (60A/48V) Rs. 8,239.00 – Rs. 31,421.00
SHAMSI Solar Home Inverter 675kVA (12V/25A) – 1475kVA (24V/50A) Rs. 6,264.00 – Rs. 10,304.00
GAMMA+ MPPT Solar Inverter 1kVA (12V & 24V) Rs. 14,342.00 – Rs. 14,852.00
GAMMA Solar PCU 2kVA (24V) – 5kVA (96V) Rs. 34,009.00 – Rs. 66,499.00
ALFA+ Solar Inverter 1kVA (24V) – 15kVA (240V) Rs. 24,484.00 – Rs. 1,79,479.00


HELIAC Solar Inverter

HELIAC solar inverter or home PCUs are an integrated unit consists of an inverter and high-efficiency MPPT solar charge controller. It extracts the maximum power from the solar panels whereby it increases the efficiency of the photovoltaic system. This HALIAC off-grid solar inverter will continuously monitor the battery and solar voltage so as it can charge the battery efficiently that increases the lifespan of your solar battery. HELIAC solar inverters are available from 1050kVA (50A/12V) to 3550kVA (60A/48V) power ratings at adorable prices.

Heliac solar inverter
Heliac solar inverter

Latest Price List of Heliac Solar Inverter

Model MRP ( Inclusive of all taxes ) Discounted Price ( Inclusive of all taxes )
1050 – 50A/12V Rs. 9,266.00 Rs. 8,239.00
1500 – 50A/12V Rs. 9,698.00 Rs. 9,675.00
2000 – 50A/24V Rs. 12,298.00 Rs. 12,298.00
2500 – 50A/24V Rs. 18,480.00 Rs. 14,163.00
3000 – 70A/24V Rs. 29,717.00 Rs. 19,633.00
4000 – 60A/48V Rs. 33,464.00 Rs. 31,421.00

SHAMSI Solar Home Inverter

SHAMSI solar inverter is a smart solar inverter that eliminates all the complications of being solar. It is one of the best solar alternatives to prevent both your home appliances as well as solar arrays and solar battery. SHAMSI solar inverter is best for small to medium size homes. These inverters are available from 675kVA (12V/25A) to 1475kVA (24V/50A) power ratings. Let’s have a look over various models of SHAMSI solar inverter.

Shamsi Solar Inverter
Shamsi Solar Inverter

Latest Price List of Shamsi Solar Inverter

Model MRP ( Inclusive of all taxes ) Discounted Price ( Inclusive of all taxes )
675 – 12V/25A Rs. 6,264.00 Rs. 6,264.00
875 – 12V/50A Rs. 8,305.00 Rs. 7,644.00
1075 – 12V/50A Rs. 8,953.00 Rs. 8,278.00
1475 – 24V/50A Rs. 11,221.00 Rs. 10,304.00

GAMMA+ MPPT Solar Inverter

GAMMA+ solar inverter is one of the best solar inverters for small size homes. This solar inverter uses solar energy as a primary source to charge the battery. UTL off-grid GAMMA+ solar PCU comes with an inbuilt MPPT solar charge controller which extracts maximum power from the solar panels. It converts the direct current into conventional alternating current, which can be used to power LEDs, televisions, refrigerators, and other electrical appliances. This inverter is available in various capacities that are as mentioned below.

Gamma+Solar Inverter
Gamma+Solar Inverter

Latest Price List of Gamma+ Solar Inverter

Model MRP ( Inclusive of all taxes ) Discounted Price ( Inclusive of all taxes )
1KVA-12V Rs. 16,189.00 Rs. 14,342.00
1KVA-24V Rs. 16,189.00 Rs. 14,853.00



Gamma solar PCU off-grid inverter is a unique solar inverter with the most advanced LCD, inbuilt MPPT solar charge controller, and DSP based design. These inverters are specially designed to operate in places where there is no access to electricity, therefore some alternative sources such as solar energy are used to charge the batteries. Our GAMMA solar PCU is one of the top inverters with 1 phase in 1 phase out feature to meet your requirements. These inverters also have many other specific features such as the most advanced LCD, inbuilt MPPT solar charge controller, and many more. We offer various models of GAMMA solar inverter mentioned below.

Gamma Solar PCU
Gamma Solar PCU

Latest Price List of Gamma Solar PCU

Model MRP ( Inclusive of all taxes ) Discounted Price ( Inclusive of all taxes )
2KVA 24V Rs. 34,009.00 Rs. 27,726.00
2KVA 48V Rs. 34,009.00 Rs. 34,009.00
3KVA 48V Rs. 46,256.00 Rs. 41,266.00
5KVA 48V Rs. 66,517.00 Rs. 56,161.00
5KVA 96V Rs. 66,517.00 Rs. 66,499.00


ALFA+ Solar Inverter

The ALFA+ solar inverter is our most advanced solar inverters compatible with all types of solar batteries. These solar inverters are specially designed off-grid solar inverters with ISO 9001 certification. ALFA+ solar inverter is the best way to charge your solar battery fast and efficiently. These off-grid solar inverters are best suited either it is an individual project or an isolated business. We offer a wide range of ALFA+ solar inverter from 1kVA/24V power rating to 15kVA/240V power rating at nominal prices so as you can choose the best according to your needs.

Alfa+ Solar PCU
Alfa+ Solar PCU

Latest Price of Alfa+ Solar PCU

Model MRP ( Inclusive of all taxes ) Discounted Price ( Inclusive of all taxes )
1KVA 24V Rs. 24,484.00 Rs. 24,484.00
2KVA 48V Rs. 37,789.00 Rs. 37,789.00
3KVA 48V Rs. 51,397.00 Rs. 49,524.00
5KVA 48V Rs. 74,077.00 Rs. 74,058.00
5KVA 96V Rs. 74,077.00 Rs. 74,058.00
7.5KVA 96V Rs. 1,01,304.00 Rs. 96,373.00
7.5KVA 120V Rs. 93,800.00 Rs. 87,817.00
10KVA 120V Rs. 1,01,304.00 Rs. 1,01,304.00
10KVA 180V Rs. 1,51,200.00 Rs. 1,51,171.00
15KVA 240V Rs. 2,38,583.00 Rs. 1,79,479.00


Silent Features

UTL off-grid solar inverter comes with extreme features and provides several advantages to its users. They help to save money and are easy to install & maintain. If you’re looking to go solar, you should install UTL’s exclusive range of high efficiency off-grid solar inverter.

  • Works independently without the utility grid.
  • Inbuilt high-efficiency solar charge controller.
  • Multi-color LCD display with AC and DC energy meters.
  • DSP based unique design with built-in IT mode.
  • USB/Ethernet-based monitoring.
  • Compatible with all types of solar panels.
  • Easy-to-install & low maintenance cost.
  • Multi-stage battery charging feature.
  • Pure sine wave with 100% tracking of the solar panel.
  • Extreme operating temperature i.e. 0°C-50°C.
  • Preference for solar power over grid power.
  • Eco-friendly and reduces carbon footprints.


What is an off-grid solar inverter?

An off-grid solar inverter is a solar device that works without a utility grid. It converts DC current generated by solar panels into AC current to power your home.


Can I connect the solar water pump with UTL off-grid solar inverter?

Yes, of course, you can easily connect a similar capacity UTL stand-alone solar inverter to your solar water pump.


I want to power 8-10 LED Lights, 6-8 Fan, solar AC, Fridge, and TV along with Washing Machine. What capacity solar inverter should I install?

You need to install around 8kVA – 10kVA UTL solar inverter to power all these electrical appliances.


What model of UTL solar inverter should I install for my residential solar system?

All models of UTL stand-alone solar inverters are the best. You just need to choose the appropriate size of the UTL inverter to be installed at your place.


I have a three-room set and want to power some LEDs, 2-4 Fans, and a TV. Which model of UTL off-grid solar inverter will be best for me?

To run all the above-mentioned home appliances, you should install at least 2kVA UTL solar inverter.


What is the price of a 5kVA solar inverter?

The discounted price ( Inclusive of all Taxes ) of the 5KVA (ALFA+ Model) off-grid solar inverter is Rs.62,041.


Is there any warranty regarding UTL off-grid solar inverters?

Yes, all models of UTL off-grid solar inverter comes with a 2-year warranty.

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