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Are you still using a regular home inverter?

Do you know that the best home inverter is a solar inverter? Solar inverter systems are more cost-efficient, and they do not damage your battery like ordinary home inverters. Let's take a closer look at why solar inverters are a better choice for your home.

1. The Disadvantages of Using an Inverter without Solar Panels

Power generated from normal Home Inverter System is 50% more costly

Power generated from a normal home inverter system is 50% more costly than solar inverter systems. Ordinary home inverter systems also waste electricity during initial and discharge cycles, while solar inverter systems do not.

Ordinary Power Inverter System

Ordinary Home Inverter System consumes 20% electricity in storing the power in the battery, during its initial cycle. Then for every next charge cycle, 10% electricity gets wasted.

Also, during a power cut, an ordinary Home Inverter System consumes 10% of power for every discharge cycle and uses 15 % of power for battery utilization.

Normal Power Inverter System

2. UTL Shamsi Solar Inverter for More Backup & Battery Protection

UTL's Shamsi Solar Inverter is the best home inverter brand in India. Compared to ordinary home inverters, it provides more backup power and extends the life of your battery. With a Shamsi Solar Inverter, you can also get extra backup when you need it.

UTL Shamsi Solar Inverter provides more backup and battery protection.

UTL's Shamsi Solar Inverter offers extended battery life, providing a backup that a regular home inverter cannot. It can also provide additional backup when needed.

House Inverter does
not provide extra backup

Normal Inverter System

Solar Inverter System
offers extra backup

Shamsi Solar Inverter

3. UTL's Shamsi Solar Inverter Now At Lesser Cost Than Regular Home Inverter

Did you know that the best home ups inverter in India is a solar inverter? Solar inverters like UTL's Shamsi are not only more affordable than regular home inverters, but they also offer extra backup power. Contact us to learn more about solar inverter systems.

Solar Inverter with Battery for Home

Contact us for more information about the Solar Inverter System

Let’s Learn About Constantly Decreasing Cost of Solar And Rising Prices of Electricity

Let’s Learn About Constantly Decreasing Cost of Solar And Rising Prices of Electricity In the last 10 years, electricity has become twice as expensive, while solar panels have become five times cheaper. This means that solar panel systems will be more affordable in the future, while electricity prices will continue to rise.

Solar Panel Price Comparison

Accordingly, Solar Panel Cost will be very cheap and electricity will be very expensive in the coming times

Let us know, Why Shamsi is the Best Solar Home Inverter

The Shamsi Solar Home Inverter provides solutions to both power cuts and electricity bills. It is India's No.1 solar inverter for its great features. In this, you will get to see many special features at very affordable prices.

Problem of High Electricity Bill and Power Cuts

UTL Solar Shamsi Inverter

Best Solar Home Inverter

Features of Shamsi Inverter

UTL's Shamsi Solar Inverter is the best inverter for home use. It offers many special features at an affordable price, including the ability to operate without solar panels, an in-built PMW Technology-based Solar Charger, and three modes for different conditions: PCU Mode, HYBRID Mode, and SMART Mode. Shamsi Solar Inverter is the best inverter for home price in India.

Features of Shamsi Home Inverter

You can operate Shamsi without Solar Panels, similar to a normal Inverter System.

It is capable of working even without the Solar Panel, and you can get the Solar Panel installed at any time according to your budget.

PWM Technology

Including Solar Charger

In this, you will get an In-built PMW Technology-based Solar Charger, which increases the efficiency of the Solar Panel and the life of the Battery. Shamsi solar inverter helps you generate more electricity compared to other regular inverters.

Solar Home Inverter Features

Like Solar PCU, you can select any mode

It has all the features of the expensive Solar Panel Inverter, such as 3 modes for different conditions:

New Multi-Mode Smart Feature of UTL Shamsi Solar Inverter

One of the smart features of the Shamsi Solar Inverter is the “3 Mode Feature”. In this, you will get to see PCU Mode, HYBRID Mode, and SMART Mode, which are used in different situations to increase the generation capacity. Just select the appropriate mode as per your requirement and feel the difference.

UTL Solar Inverter PCU MODE

PCU MODE (For Cities)

The cities have surplus electricity, so it will run the load with solar
and battery and save electricity bill.

UTL Solar Inverter Hybrid MODE

Hybrid MODE (For Village)

In villages, In Daytime, the load will run on Solar and electricity and battery will be kept charged for the backup of night.

UTL Solar Inverter Smart MODE

Smart MODE (For Towns)

In towns, power generation and power saving both is needed. so it will work both for solar and electricity.

Shamsi Solar Inverter Works Without Solar Panel

Solar Inverter System

If you do not have the budget for the entire Solar Inverter System right now, you can take UTL Solar Shamsi even without a solar panel. Because as mentioned above, it is capable of working as a home inverter.

Whenever you have a budget, get the Solar Panel installed. UTL Solar SHAMSI will then become a Solar House Inverter.

Solar House Inverter

Now at the cost of Normal Home Inverter

Price comparison of Normal Inverter and Solar Inverter

Shamsi Solar Inverter is available in almost that

With various models available, UTL Shamsi Solar Inverter is undoubtedly the best home inverter brand in India that provides exceptional battery protection and extended backup. As a solar home inverter, it is an eco-friendly solution that is available at a reasonable home ups inverter price and inverter price for home. Plus, it is an excellent value for money, making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious consumers.

Not Satisfied, Get Your Money Back Now

Solar Inverter 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the product UTL Shamsi Solar Inverter then you can return it back to the same dealer from where you bought it within 30 Days of purchase, and you will get the full refund of your UTL Shmasi Solar Inverter.

Get the Best Home Inverter Price from UTL Solar

UTL Inverters offers the most competitive home inverter prices in India. Check out our range of high-quality home UPS inverters and choose the perfect inverter price for your home. With our unbeatable price of home inverter and reliable performance, UTL Inverters is the top choice for anyone looking for the best price of home inverter. Don't wait, shop now and experience uninterrupted power supply with UTL Inverters!

Product Image Product Name MRP ( Inclusive of all Taxes ) Discounted Price ( Inclusive of all Taxes ) Buy Now on EMI
Shamsi Solar Inverter 675 VA/12V MRP: ₹ 6264.00 (Including all taxes) ₹ 4,493.00 (Including all taxes) Click here
Shamsi Solar Inverter 875 VA/12V MRP: ₹ 8,305.00 (Including all taxes) ₹ 4,999.00 (Including all taxes) Click here
Shamsi Solar Inverter 1075VA/12V MRP: ₹ 8,953.00 (Including all taxes) ₹ 5,775.00 (Including all taxes) Click here
Shamsi Solar Inverter 1475VA/24V MRP: ₹ 11,221.00 (Including all taxes) ₹ 7,829.00 (Including all taxes) Click here
Best Solar Home Inverter
ModelMRP ( Inclusive of all taxes )Discounted Price ( Inclusive of all taxes )Buy Now on EMI
Shamsi Solar Inverter 675 VA/12VRs. 6,264.00₹ 4,493.00Click here
Shamsi Solar Inverter 875 VA/12VRs. 8,305.00₹ 4,999.00Click here
Shamsi Solar Inverter 1075VA/12VRs. 8,953.00₹ 5,775.00Click here
Shamsi Solar Inverter 1475VA/24VRs. 11,221.00₹ 7,829.00Click here

*Installation Material, and Charges Extra.

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