Solar Battery

Solar Battery System for Home or Business

Solar batteries are used in various solar applications such as off-grid, and hybrid solar systems. It is the perfect solution for people living in an area with frequent power cuts. Appliances would only work without a battery when the sun shines, and the battery is turned on. It is impossible to use solar energy after sunset, which would be wasteful. The solar battery is an alternative to feed energy to the grip that helps you to use power throughout the night. UTL solar provides a variety of solar batteries, and every one comes with unique requirements.

Solar battery are new generation solar batteries that are many steps ahead of other cheap storage alternatives in the Indian market. UTL solar battery are specially designed and precisely manufactured as per the latest technology to handle the sustained operations of daily charge discharge at high ambient temperatures. Selectively chosen pure spine and grid alloy, high pressure die casting, HDPE material caps, non-leaking vent plug make our battery superior to work effectively even in Partial State Of Charge (PSOC) conditions.

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Solar Battery
Solar Battery

UTL’s state of the art manufacturing unit manufactured these long lasting solar battery by using high quality tall tubular polypropylene containers which provide complete protection from high heat. Our solar battery entire range from 40Ah to 230Ah, is designed to offer superior performance even in consecutive non sunny days.

Revolutionize Your Energy Efficiency with Our High-Performance Solar Battery

Are you considering lessening the electricity bills and protecting the environment? Well, your solution is the solar system. The solar battery is becoming more popular among people. Recently many people have installed solar systems in residential and commercial places due to their benefits. When you have a solar system without a battery, you will lose more energy generated by the solar battery.

Solar batteries are specially designed for long-lasting life, fast charging capability and optimum performance. It is rated based on voltage and ampere-hours. Install the solar battery if you need to upgrade your solar system. It allows you to store the solar system’s excess power and then use it on rainy days. UTL Solar offers an effective solar battery storage solution for all clients based on their requirements.

How to Buy Solar Battery for Home?

UTL solar is committed and dedicated to providing the best class solar services to our customers. With a proven track record of delivering high-quality solar products, we are proud to offer you the best quality solar power storage solution at affordable prices.

Select the best solar battery for your home and commercial uses. UTL offers the largest range of solar batteries at affordable prices in all over India. So let’s choose the perfect solar battery for your home.  You can choose our highly performance best solar battery range starting from 40Ah to 230Ah, according to your need.

UTL Solar Battery
UTL Solar Battery

Solar Battery Price List


all taxes)

Discounted PRICE ( INCLUSIVE of

all taxes )

UST 4036 40 AH Solar Battery
Rs. 11,025.00
Rs. 7,714.00
UST 16536 165 AH Solar Battery
Rs. 19,421.00
Rs. 18,803.00
UST 1560 150 AH Solar Battery
Rs. 21,706.00
Rs. 20,482.00
UST 2036 200 AH Solar Battery Rs. 28,092.00 Rs. 24,332.00
UST 2060 200 AH Solar Battery
Rs. 34,033.00
Rs. 25,620.00


List of Solar Battery for Home and Office

UTL Solar is committed to offering a variety of quality solar battery for home and office at affordable prices. All batteries are manufactured with cutting-edge technologies that work efficiently. You can buy the right battery from HDPE material caps, grid alloy, and more. You can buy solar battery, which is perfectly suitable for your requirements. Let’s take a glance at the list of solar batteries:

40Ah Solar Battery

40Ah Solar Battery is made of active material with a tubular gauntlet. UTL experts reduce the self-discharge rate in this battery. 40 Ah solar battery is the smallest capacity solar battery manufactured with high-purity materials.  It’s come with 36 month warranty. Even though 40Ah solar battery is the smallest capacity solar batteries, it doesn’t mean that UTL has compromised with its quality. It is a high quality, ultra low maintenance solar batteries designed by our state of the art manufacturing unit with advanced battery manufacturing technology. UTL has equipped it with pure spine and grid alloy, non-leaking vent plug, high pressure die cast, and HDPE material caps to enhance its working life.

Specification of 40AH Solar Battery

Complete specification of 40Ah solar battery.

Particulars Description
Brand UTL Solar
Capacity 40AH
Model UIT4036 40Ah
Warranty 36 months
Nominal Voltage 12volts
Weight 23.3kg
Dimension (L*W*H) 410*176*233 mm
MRP ( Inclusive of all Taxes ) Rs. 11,025.00
Discounted Price ( Inclusive of all Taxes ) Rs. 7,714.00

150Ah Solar Battery

150Ah Solar Battery is ideal for retail shops, offices and houses. It offers high voltage and powder, which can withstand all weather conditions. UTL Solar uses cutting-edge technologies to manufacture the batteries.

UTL 150Ah solar battery is India’s best solar battery with C10 rating, well known for its high quality and excellent performance with 60 months warranty and long service life. The entire series of UTL 150Ah solar batteries are equipped with advanced tubular battery features which include NAT grids and multi-tube gauntlets that encapsulate the positive plate active material resulting in cyclic stability. In addition to these features, we provided float vent plug for electrolyte level indicator, PE separators instead of ordinary PVC separators which leads to longer and much enhanced battery life.

Specification of 150Ah Solar Battery

Particulars Description
Brand UTL Solar
Model UST1560
Capacity 150Ah
Warranty 60 months
Nominal Voltage 12volt
Container IT 500
Dimension 503*190*410 mm
Filled Weight 62kg
Dry Weight 37.5kg
Plate Combination 3+4
MRP ( Inclusive of all Taxes ) Rs. 21,706.00
Discounted Price ( Inclusive of all Taxes ) Rs. 20,482.00

165Ah Solar Battery

UTL solar uses Nat positive plate or tubular gauntlet in a 165Ah Solar Battery. The quality polypropylene container offers great protection from extreme heat. It has high-pressure die casting that offers maximum lifespan. It is suitable for different places and various purposes.

Specification of 165Ah Solar Battery

Complete specification of UTL’s 165Ah solar battery.

Particulars Description
Brand UTL Solar
Model UIT2336
Capacity 165Ah
Warranty 36 months
Nominal Voltage 12volt
Container IT 500
Dimension 503*190*410 mm
Filled Weight 75kg
Dry Weight 46.5kg
Plate Combination 3+4
MRP ( Inclusive of all Taxes ) Rs. 19,421.00
Discounted Price ( Inclusive of all Taxes ) Rs. 18,803.00

200Ah Solar Battery

200Ah Solar Battery is constructed with smaller holes and tubular gauntlet plats for extended backup. UTL Solar offers 36 months warranty for the product so you can stay peacefully. Besides, this battery is low maintenance and higher performance, making it ideal for electrical applications.

UTL 200Ah solar battery are proven to provide an uninterrupted and continuous supply of power to your homes. UTL 200Ah solar batteries are high-performance, ultra low maintenance and reliable solar batteries, designed with tubular gauntlet plates with smaller holes for longer back-up. It comes with 36 month warranty.

UTL 200Ah solar battery are engineered to operate better even in a partial state of charge and in high ambient temperatures. The paste used in UTL battery’s negative plate is a mixture of carbon, barium sulfate and lignin, which helps it maintain its ability to store charge in the plate in the last months. These characteristics in UTL 200Ah solar battery make them an ideal choice for solar as well as other electrical applications.

Specification of UST2036 200Ah Solar Battery

Particulars Description
Brand UTL Solar
Model UST2036
Capacity 200Ah
Warranty 36 months
Nominal Voltage 12volt
Container IT 500
Dimension 503*190*410 mm
Filled Weight 71kg
Dry Weight 46.5kg
Plate Combination 3+4
MRP ( Inclusive of all Taxes ) Rs. 28,092.00
Discounted Price ( Inclusive of all Taxes ) Rs. 24,332.00

Specification of UST2060 200Ah Solar Battery

Particulars Description
Brand UTL Solar
Model UST2060
Capacity 200Ah
Warranty 60 months
Nominal Voltage 12volt
Container IT 500
Dimension 503*190*410 mm
Filled Weight 71kg
Dry Weight 46.5kg
Plate Combination 3+4
MRP ( Inclusive of all Taxes ) Rs. 34,033.00
Discounted Price ( Inclusive of all Taxes ) Rs. 25,620.00

Benefits of UTL Solar Battery

A significant benefits of using UTL solar battery is offering higher energy security. It provides you energy at 24/7 hours so your appliances can work at all times. Our solar batteries offer you a chance to save more money on the electricity bill. It helps to decrease the time your property consumes electricity from the government or Electricity Company.

During the power shutdown, you need to power your appliances. You can use solar battery instead of using a generator. It is because the generator produces heavy noise that affects your health. The battery is noise-free and also secure in the atmosphere.

Solar System Battery Price

The price of solar battery can differ based on the battery size, type and stability in extreme temperatures. UTL Solar offers numerous solar batteries for home ranging from 40Ah to 230Ah. According to your home needs, you can select the appropriate battery. We use high-quality materials to make solar batteries that offer superior performance.

The average solar battery price can range between Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 25,000 based on the battery power and size. Checking the specification of the battery is essential to consider before ordering the battery. It will help you to choose the most excellent battery for your solar battery and store excess power.

Due to the increasing demand for solar batteries, UTL Solar offers plenty of batteries for commercial and residential uses. You can stay in peace when you install the battery in your home. When buying the battery for your solar system, you need to consider critical aspects. Here are some factors that you should bear in mind while selecting the battery:


First, the buyer should consider the capability that displays how much energy the battery can store. It is measured in kilowatt-hours and includes a lot of batteries if you need to store extra energy.


Pay attention to the power rating that will indicate the amount of solar energy the battery can produce. If you have our battery with a high power rating and low capacity, it lets you run all appliances in the home.

Battery Life

UTL Solar offers different battery life cycles that ensure a certain capacity during their lifespan. It can periodically collect and store energy so you can use it daily.


The round-trip efficiency indicates how much energy can be derived from stored energy. The batteries supplied by UTL Solar have a high round-trip efficiency, making them economically viable.

Depth of Discharge

It is essential to check the depth of discharge because they show how much battery capacity is used. Some types of solar batteries will decay faster of their chemical composition. UTL Solar specifies the higher depth of discharge for enhanced performance.

Silent Features

  • Nat positive plates designed for longer life.
  • Quick recovery from deep discharges.
  • Well performed C10 rated solar battery.
  • 2mV/per day ultra minimum self-discharge rate.
  • Float vent plug for electrolyte level indicator.
  • Extremely high life cycle 1500 @ 80% DOD.
  • Engineered with high-pressure die casting.
  • PE separators instead of PVC separators.
  • Special grid alloy & superior active material.
  • HDPE material plastic caps for enhancing lifespan.
  • Superior battery with leak proof vent plugs.
  • Easy to transport, carry and install.


Q. What are the features of UTL Solar batteries?

Answer: UTL solar batteries have excellent features that make them popular in the market. Here are some interesting features:

  • Special grid alloy material
  • Trouble-free to install and transport
  • Fast recovery from discharge
  • Suitable for homes and offices
  • Longer lifespan


Q. What is the life expectancy of a home solar battery?

Answer: The solar battery can last more than ten years if you maintain it properly. The duration might vary based on capacity, usage and environment.


Q. Can I run appliances in my home on solar battery backup power at night?

Answer: Of course! All appliances in your home are operated by solar battery backup power during rainy days and at night. It would be based on your chosen battery type and usage.


Q. How often does a solar battery need maintenance?

Answer: Solar battery needs regular maintenance that can boost their production and lifespan. You don’t want to replace the battery frequently.


Q. My daily power requirement is around 3500 watt. So how many UTL batteries do I need to install?

Answer. You need around 4 to 5 solar batteries for that much power requirement.


Q. How do I check water level in solar batteries?

Answer. There are float vent plugs with water indicators in UTL solar batteries. You can easily see the level of water in the battery.


Q. I want to run 4 to 5 LEDs, 2 fans and 1 TV on battery power. How many solar batteries are required for the same?

Answer. To run all these electrical appliances, you need to fix at least 4 nos of UTL solar solar batteries.


Q. How many solar batteries are needed in 3kW solar system?

Answer. You need 4 solar batteries in 3kW solar system.


Q. Can solar batteries be able to power a 10HP solar submersible water pump?

Answer. Yes, solar batteries are able to power 10HP solar water pump. To run 10HP solar submersible water pump, you need at least 10 solar batteries.


Q. Is there any warranty on these solar batteries?

Answer. Yes, there is 36 months and 60 months warranty on solar batteries, depending upon the model of the battery.


Q. How much power do UTL solar batteries can store in them?

Answer. A standard 12V 150Ah UTL solar batteries can store 150 ampere hours 12 volt in it. However, the storing capacity of a solar battery can be increased or decreased according to its power rating.


Q. What is the estimated life of UTL solar batteries?

Answer. The estimated life of UTL solar batteries are approximately 5 to 7 years.


Q. What is the price of 150Ah solar batteries?

Answer. The discounted price ( inclusive of all taxes ) of 150Ah solar batteries vary from model to model. You can check the price list at


Q. Can I install solar batteries for my existing solar system?

Answer. Yes off course, you can install UTL solar batteries for your existing solar system of any capacity.


Q. Can a solar battery provide backup power during power outages?

Answer. Yes, a solar battery can provide backup power during power outages. It allows you to use stored energy to power essential appliances and keep critical systems running until the grid is restored.


Q. Does a solar battery increase self-consumption of solar energy?

Answer. Yes, a solar battery increases self-consumption by storing excess solar energy that would otherwise be exported back to the grid. You can use this stored energy during times when your solar panels are not producing enough.


Q. How does a solar battery reduce reliance on the grid?

Answer. By storing excess solar energy, a solar battery enables you to use more of your generated energy for your own consumption, reducing the amount of electricity you need to draw from the grid.


Q. Do all solar panel systems require a solar battery?

Answer. No, solar batteries are optional and not necessary for all solar panel systems. They are recommended if you want to maximize self-consumption, have backup power during outages, or reduce reliance on the grid.


Q. How long can a solar battery provide backup power during an outage?

Answer. The backup duration of a solar battery depends on its capacity and the amount of power being drawn from it. Larger capacity batteries can provide backup power for longer durations.


Q. What maintenance is required for a solar battery?

Answer. Solar batteries typically require minimal maintenance. Regular monitoring of performance, ensuring proper ventilation, and occasional cleaning are recommended to ensure optimal operation.


Q. Can I add a solar battery to my existing solar panel system?

Answer. In most cases, it is possible to add a solar battery to an existing solar panel system. However, it may require system modifications and coordination with your solar installer to ensure compatibility.


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