15kVA Solar Inverter

About 15kVA Solar Inverter

A 15kVA solar inverter is an intelligent solar inverter with digital signal processing (DSP technology) and an integrated battery charger that is enclosed within a robust quality unit that’s easy to install. This smart inverter has multi-function communication capability. It can send and receive electricity very quickly. This solar inverter will also provide full system performance information to the users through an LCD display.

15KVA Solar Inverter
15KVA Solar Inverter

UTL 15kVA solar inverter system has digital architecture/design and bidirectional communication capability (in hybrid solar inverters). These solar inverters are the best solar solution to convert the DC output from the solar panel into AC power that is required to run your home appliances. Also, they can realize self-consumption and feed-in to the grid from solar energy with the best solution according to your settings. Our all models of 15kVA solar inverter are equipped with a high-efficiency inbuilt charge controller that helps in supplying the constant current to the batteries and ensures that they work for a longer life span.

UTL 15kVA solar inverter are the finest quality solar inverters with pure sine wave output to get the best in terms of both durability and performance. These inverters are controlled by a salable software platform that lowers the cost of energy and facilitates higher energy production with higher system reliability and uptime. The UTL specially design its 15kVA solar inverter to operate in a wide range of temperature conditions from -25°C to +60°C which makes it a superior solar inverter that’s unmatched in the industry.

UTL 15kVA Solar Inverter Range

Models MRP ( Inclusive of all Taxes ) Discounted Price ( Inclusive of all Taxes )
ALFA+ 15kVA/240V Solar PCU Rs. 2,38,583.00 Rs. 1,83,112.00
STRING 15kVA/3 Phase Solar Inverter Rs. Contact us
SIGMA+ 15kVA/240V Solar PCU Rs. 3,02,389.00 Rs. 2,11,578.00

UTL solar inverter are the best solar inverter that can be used for residential purposes or business purposes. Nowadays the world is full of modernity and in this modernity, all the people have their own problems. Some are troubled by the problem of frequent power outages and some by their huge electricity bills on regular basis. But UTL has a solution to your every problem. It designs and manufactures its 15kVA solar inverter in different types mentioned below.

  • 15kVA On Grid Solar Inverter
  • 15kVA Off Grid Solar Inverter
  • 15kVA Hybrid Solar Inverter

On-Grid Solar Inverter: String solar inverter by UTL is an on-grid solar inverter. An on-grid solar inverter is recommended only to those who are suffering from heavy electricity bills on a regular basis and want to save the money by reducing it.

Off-Grid Solar Inverter: Alfa+ solar inverter is an off-grid solar inverter by the UTL solar. An off-grid solar inverter is recommended to those who are troubled by the problem of frequent power outages and want power backup for crucial times.

Hybrid Solar Inverter: Sigma+ solar inverter is a hybrid solar inverter manufactured by the UTL. A hybrid solar inverter is recommended for those who want to enjoy both the features of an on-grid solar inverter and off-grid solar inverter in one inverter.

15kVA/240V Alfa+ Solar PCU

15kVA/240V Alfa+ Solar PCU
15kVA/240V Alfa+ Solar PCU
Particulars Description
Solar PCU Capacity 15KVA 240V
Input Voltage Range (Min-Max) 400-750 VDC
Maximum PV Power Recommended 15KW
MPPT Controller DSP
Type of Charger MPPT
Efficiency 95%
Battery Low Buzzer Battery Low Cut +0.2 V
Battery Low Cut 10-11.7 V
Battery High Cut (INV.) SPV Present-SPV CHG. REF +1V for 15Sec, SPV CHG. REF +1.5V for 2Sec
Battery High Cut (INV.) SPV Absent-SPV CHG. REF for 15Sec, SPV CHG. REF +0.2V for 2Sec
Battery Charging Voltage by SPV 13.5-16 V
Battery Charging Current by SPV 12-60 A
Battery Charging Voltage by Grid 13.0-15.5 V
Battery Charging Current by Grid 6-15 A
Grid Low Cut Voltage (IT Mode/Normal) NA/120-200 V
Grid High Cut Voltage (IT Mode/Normal) NA/245-280 V
Grid Charging Enable/Disable
IT Load Enable/Disable
Operating Mode Smart/PCU/Hybrid
Output Voltage Low 170-190 V
Output Voltage High 250-260 V
No Load Shut Down Enable/Disable
Input Source Grid/Genset
Grid Disconnect (Solar Available) PCU/SMART (Battery) @14.5/Battery for 2minutes or 13.5/Battery-100% Current
Grid Reconnect (PCU Mode/Smart Mode) (Battery) 11-12V
Temp. Compensation (Battery) @3mV/cell/°C ; 18mV/Battery/°C
Inverter Switching Element Mosfet
Inverter Control PWM
Inverter Nominal Output Voltage 220 VAC
Inverter Output Supply Phase 1Phase, 3Wire
Inverter Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Inverter Nominal Frequency 50.0 Hz
Load Current 54 A
Voltage Regulation 1%
Output Voltage Distortion with 100% Linear Load <3%
Peak Efficiency >88 %
Cooling Temp Controlled, Fan
Protections Overload, Battery Low, Battery High, Output Low, Output High, Output Short Ckt., Overheat, Under Frequency, Over Frequency, Solar Panel Reverse
Display Parameters Battery Voltage, Charging Current, Discharging Current, Charging KWH, Discharging KWH, Solar Voltage, Solar Current, Instantaneous Power, Cumulative Power, Grid Voltage, Grid Current, Grid Frequency, Output Voltage, Output Current, Output Frequency NLSD En/Dn, IT Load En/Dn Grid Charger En/Dn, Operating Mode PCU/SMT/HYD
Switches Reset for System ON/OFF, UP, DOWN, BACK, ENTER (for LCD Configuration)
Indications System ON, Inverter ON, SPV Charging, Grid Charging, Battery Low/High, Overload, Overheat, Mains Low, Mains High, Under Frequency, Over Frequency, NLSD, Fault
Degree of Protection IP21
Dimension (LxWxH) 609 X 330 X 660 mm
Weight (Approx.) 120 KG
MRP ( Inclusive of all Taxes ) Rs. 2,38,583.00
Discounted Price ( Inclusive of all Taxes ) Rs. 1,83,112.00

Silent Features

  • DSPic Based Pure Sine Wave Design.
  • Inbuilt rMPPT Charge Controller.
  • Maximum Preference for Solar Energy.
  • USB Based Communication.
  • 30 Days Data Logs Inbuilt
  • AC and DC Energy Meter Inbuilt.
  • GSM/GPRS Based Remote Monitoring and controlling.
  • Robust Design for 20 years of product life.
  • 2 years to 5 years of warranty.
  • Reverse AC Voltage Protection.
  • User-friendly and easily accessible LCD Display with all AC & DC Parameter Configurable by Display Switches and Digital LCD (20X4).
  • User-Friendly Control: – Output Voltage, Charging Voltage – SPV/ Grid, Charging Current – SPV/Grid, Grid Reconnect, Battery Low.
  • Priority-based working modes – Smart/PCU/Hybrid (for saving energy and money).
  • NLSD, Alfa+ Solar PCU Grid Charging, IT Load – Enable/Disable by LCD.

15kVA On-Grid String Solar Inverter (3 Phase)

15kVA On-Grid String Solar Inverter (3 Phase)
15kVA On-Grid String Solar Inverter (3 Phase)
Particular Description
Model UTL 15 GT
System Rating 15kVA – 3 Phase
Max. DC Power 16.5kW
Max. DC Voltage/Nominal DC Voltage 1000V
MPPT Voltage Range 250V – 950V
Min./Start DC Voltage 200V – 250V
Normal AC Output Power 15kW
Max. AC Output Power 16kW
Normal AC Voltage 400V
AC Voltage Range 400V ± 20%
Normal AC Grid Frequency 50/60Hz
AC Grid Frequency Range ±5Hz
Max. Output Current 24A
No. of MPPT Trackers 2
THDI <3%
Topology Transformerless
Maximum Efficiency 98%
All-Pole Fault Current Monitoring Unit Yes
AC Connection 3W+N+PE/3W+P E
Ground Fault Monitoring Yes
Operating Temperature Range -25°C to +60°C
Noise Emission <40dB
Protection Rating IP65
LCD Display Yes
Cooling Concept Convection
Interfaces RS485/Wi-Fi
Dimension 553mmX715mmX228mm
Weight 39 kG
MRP ( Inclusive of all taxes ) Rs.
Discounted Price ( Inclusive of all taxes ) Rs.

Silent Features

  • Transformer-less inverter for better compatibility.
  • Low harmonic current distortion (THDi<3%).
  • IP65 certified solar product by UTL.
  • Comes with Onboard SPDs for DC & AC sides.
  • Supportable for Wi-Fi and monitoring applications.
  • Manufactured with multiple protection levels.
  • 5 years standard warranty for better reliability.

15kVA/240V Sigma+ Hybrid Solar Inverter

15kVA/240V Sigma+ Hybrid Solar Inverter
15kVA/240V Sigma+ Hybrid Solar Inverter
Particular Description
System Rating 15kVA/240V
Operating DC Voltage 240V
Input Voltage Range (Min-Max) 400V – 750V
Maximum PV Power 15kW
Switching Element IGBT
Controller DSP
Battery Low Buzzer Batt. Low Cu +0.2
Battery Low Cut 10V – 11.7V
Battery Charging Voltage with SPV 13.5V – 16V
Battery Charging Current with SPV 20A-60A (Optional) / 2A-23A (Regular)
Battery Charging Voltage with Grid 13V-15.5V
Battery Charging Current with Grid 10A-30A (Optional) / 1A-16A (Regular
Load Current 54A
Grid Charging Enable/Disable
IT Load Enable/Disable
Operation Mode Smart/PCU/Hybrid/Grid Export
Input Source Grid/Genset (for Genset, Grid Export Mode must be Disable)
Output voltage low 170V-190V
Output voltage high 250V-260V
No load shutdown Enable/Disable
Grid Low/recover 185V/195V
Grid High/recover 280V/275V
Synchronization voltage range 185-280V
Synchronization frequency range 47Hz to 53Hz
Grid Charging Voltage (Equalize) After 30 Days
Grid Disconnect (Solar Available) PCU/SMART @14.5V/Battery for 2 minutes OR 13.5V/Battery-100% Current (if Grid Chg. Volt. Ref. set to 14.2V)
Grid Reconnect (PCU Mode / Smart Mode), Import ON (Grid Export mode) 11V – 12V
Temp. Compensation @ 3mV/cell/°C; 18mV/Battery/°C
Output Phase Single Phase, 3 Wire
Nominal Output voltage 220V
Nominal Frequency 50Hz±1%
Output Waveform Pure Sinewave
Typical Efficiency ≥85%
Charge Controller MPPT
Peak Efficiency 95%
Cooing Temp. Controlled Fan
Audible Noise @ 1 meter 50dB
Protection Overload, Battery Low, Battery High, Output Low, Output High, Input Low, Input High, SPV Low, SPV High, Output Short Ckt., Input Short Ckt., Over Temp., Under Frequency, Over Frequency, Solar Panel Reverse, Anti-islanding, Surge Protection, Grid/Solar Charger Open Circuit, NTC Open.
LED Indication System ON, Inv. ON, SPV Charging, Grid Charging, Grid Tie ON, Battery Low/High/NLSD, Overload / Overheat, Mains Low / Mains High, Under frequency/Over frequency, Operating modes (smart, Hybrid, PCU, and Grid export), Fault, HOE
Switches Reset for System ON/OFF, UP, DOWN, BACK, ENTER (for LCD Configuration)
Operating Temperature 0°C to 50°C
Standard Compliance IP-21
Weight 103Kg
Dimension L x W x H 660 x 330 x 660 mm
MRP ( Inclusive of all Taxes ) Rs. 3,02,389.00
Discounted Price ( Inclusive of all Taxes ) Rs. 2,11,578.00

Silent Features

  • DSPic based Pure Sine Wave Design.
  • Inbuilt rMPPT charge controller (30% more efficient).
  • Grid-Interactive solar inverter.
  • Maximum Preference to Solar Power.
  • USB based communication, 30 days of data logs.
  • Inbuilt AC & DC energy meter.
  • GSM/GPRS based remote monitoring & controlling (Optional).
  • Certified by IEC 61683, 61727, 60529, 60068-2 (1,2,14,30) & 62116 standards.
  • Robust Design-20 year’s product life, 2-5 yrs of warranty.
  • User Friendly & Easily accessible LCD Display with all AC and DC Parameters.
  • Configurable by Display Switches & Digital LCD (20X4).
  • Reverse AC Voltage Protection.
  • Priority-based working modes – Smart/PCU/Hybrid.
  • Grid Export Mode, NLSD, Grid Charging & IT Load – Enable/Disable by Display Switch.


Will 15 kVA solar inverter be enough for my commercial premises?

Yes, this solar inverter will be enough to run a connected load on your commercial premises.


What kind of business does a 15kVA solar inverter suit?

UTL 15kVA solar inverter is best for large scale homes, farmhouses, schools, institutes, shops, petrol pumps, restaurants, hotels, PGs, and guest houses.


How much power does a 15kVA solar inverter can generate?

The power generation capacity of a solar inverter depends upon its type. As an average, a 15kVA inverter can generate up to 16,000 watts.


Can I connect my existing solar water pump with a 15kVA solar inverter?

Yes, of course, you can connect your solar water pump on this solar inverter.


What is the price of 15kVA solar inverter by UTL?

The price of a 15kVA solar inverter starts from Rs.1,99,823 and it goes up to Rs.2,53,266.


How many models are available in 15kVA solar inverters?

There is Alfa+ solar inverter in the off-grid category, string solar inverter in the on-grid category, and Sigma+ solar inverter in the hybrid category.

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