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UTT 1536 Solar Inverter Batteries
UTT 1536 Solar Inverter Batteries

Generally, the inverter battery company offers a warranty of 3 years, but if the battery is defective, the cycle of replacement goes on for 15 to 30 days. Now in those days, they don’t care if:

Battery Problem Face by Customer 1
Battery Problem Face by Customer 1

Your child’s examinations are going on and during the power cut they are not able to study.

Battery Problem Face by Customer 2
Battery Problem Face by Customer 2

Other inverter battery companies do not care whether you are able to eat your dinner or not.

Battery Problem Face by Customer 3
Battery Problem Face by Customer 2

You are not able to entertain your guests due to the faulty battery.

Why is the Inverter Battery Replacement Period so Long?

During this period the inverter battery company runs the process of battery failure tests. Companies provide the new battery when the final claim is passed.

Inverter Batteries Problem Dealer
Inverter Batteries Problem Dealer

During this cycle of replacement, the dealers of inverter batteries try to compensate by giving a service battery. However, the service battery is unable to deliver required back-up.  Even after paying the whole amount for the battery, you have to struggle during power cuts. Generally, the offered warranty for the inverter battery is only of 3 years of battery, but it is not useful when you actually need it. So, is this warranty of the battery real or fake?

UTL Solar Solutions of Inverter Battery Problem

Considering this problem, UTL has come up with an interesting solution. UTL has designed India’s best inverter battery that is made using the latest technology and hence will not stop working. We are promising to give ₹1000 if the battery stops working. UTL is offering this because inverter battery from other companies are failing and if you are troubled with our battery as well, you need to be compensated.

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If Our Inverter Batteries Stops Working You’ll Get ₹1000* as Compensation

utl inverter batteries
Long Lasting Inverter Batteries
Long Lasting Inverter Batteries

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How is UTL Solar able to do that?

The answer is simple; our batteries are integrated with the latest and perfect technology. We care about the problems you have to face. Hence, we are offering the mentioned compensation if our inverter batteries ever stop working.

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Features of UTL Inverter Battery

Long Back-up Inverter Batteries
Long Back-up Inverter Batteries

Tubular Gauntlet Plate with Smaller Holes for Longer Back-up

Ordinary tubular batteries have large holes in the plate that leads to fast leakage of oxide particles, which gradually reduces the battery back-up. The specially designed tubular gauntlet plate in the UTL UTT-1536 battery has more number of smaller holes, which cuts the loss of active material but offers a complete surface for acid reaction. This also provides good back-up and prolongs the life of the battery.

Durable Inverter Batteries
Durable Inverter Batteries

Right Mix of Carbon, Barium Sulphate, and Lignin for Complete Back-up in the End Months

Many tubular batteries experience significant reduction in the last months of their life. However, the UTL UTT-1536 battery provides good back-up, as it has fully balanced chemical material utilization factor in its positive and negative plates. The combination of carbon, barium sulphate, and lignin has been well utilized in the paste of the negative plate of UTL UTT-1536 battery, which helps in maintaining the ability to store charge in the plate during the end months.

Long lasting tubular Inverter batteries
Long lasting tubular Inverter batteries

Plastic Cap Made up of HDPE Material for Longer Life

During the service life of a tubular or home UPS battery, the plastic cap under the positive tubular plate cracks and breaks, leaving its paste out and terminating the life of the battery. UTL UTT-1536 battery has HDPE material cap which is safe and does not allow the positive mass to come out.

High Pressure Die Casting Inverter Batteries
High Pressure Die Casting Inverter Batteries

High Pressure Die Casting

The UTL UTT-1536 battery has a high pressure die casting which reduces the gap between the molecules and leaves no room for anything else. This protects the battery plates from corrosion and improves the battery life.

Low Self Discharge Rate Inverter Batteries
Low self discharge rate Inverter Batteries

Low Self Discharge Rate

The UTL UTT-1536 battery has a low discharge rate of 2mV / per day due to very low impurity of oxide and alloys .This will not automatically discharge the battery for six months. Now, no matter how long you come home after the holidays, you will find the UTL home UPS battery fully ready.

Inverter Batteries Leak Proof Vent plug
Inverter Batteries Leak Proof Vent plug

Leak-proof Vent Plug

Even if you keep the battery tilted at 90 degrees for 45 minutes, the acid does not fall out of it. This offers two advantages; one is that very little acidic gas will be able to come out of the battery and secondly the transportation of the battery becomes safe and efficient.

Comparison between other Inverter batteries and UTL Inverter Battery
Comparison between other batteries and UTL Inverter Battery

Increased Amount of Pure Alloy for Less Evaporation

In inverter battery, the more pure the spine and grid alloy is, the higher their conductivity becomes. The higher the conductivity, the less hot the battery plate gets during charging. This results in decreased evaporation of water. The UTL UTT-1536 battery has a pure spine and grid alloy, which results in an advantage that you will only need to add water after 3 months compared to a normal battery.

UTL Solar gives you many batteries options that you can choose according to your needs. For example, UTL’s 150Ah inverter battery, which you can use for low loads. Buy your UTL 1536 Battery today because now you know that it is India’s Best Inverter Battery!

Combo Deals of 150Ah Inverter Battery Provided by UTL: Inverter with Battery Price List

Product Image
Combo UPS & 150Ah Inverter Battery
MRP ( Inclusive of all Taxes ) Discounted Price ( Inclusive of all Taxes )
Combo UPS 675 VA,and
1 Nos. 155Ah Solar Inverter Battery
MRP: ₹ 27,184.00 (Including all taxes) ₹ 17,921.00 (Including all taxes)
Combo UPS 775 VA,and
1 Nos. 155Ah Solar Inverter Battery
MRP: ₹ 28,458.00 (Including all taxes) ₹ 18,825.00 (Including all taxes)
Combo UPS 1075 VA,and
1 Nos. 155Ah Solar Inverter Battery
MRP: ₹ 29,733.00 (Including all taxes) ₹ 19,311.00 (Including all taxes)
Combo UPS 1675 VA, and
2 Nos. 155Ah Solar Inverter Battery
MRP: ₹ 55,146.00 (Including all taxes) ₹ 35,535.00 (Including all taxes)

Shamsi SPGS (Solar Power Generating System) Pricing: Inverter Prices with Battery

Product Image
Solar Power Generating System MRP ( Inclusive of all Taxes ) Discounted Price ( Inclusive of all Taxes )
Shamsi 675 VA,

160W x 2 Nos. Solar Panel and

1 Nos. 165Ah Solar Inverter Battery (3 Years Warranty)

MRP: ₹ 44,245.00 (Including all taxes) ₹ 33,515.00(Including all taxes)
Shamsi 875 VA,

160W x 2 Nos. Solar Panel and

1 Nos. 165Ah Solar Inverter Battery (3 Years Warranty)

MRP: ₹ 46,286.00 (Including all taxes) ₹ 34,606.00(Including all taxes)
Shamsi 1075 VA,

160W x 2 Nos. Solar Panel and

1 Nos. 165Ah Solar Inverter Battery (3 Years Warranty)

MRP: ₹ 46,934.00 (Including all taxes) ₹ 35,128.00(Including all taxes)
Shamsi 1475 VA,

335W x 2 Nos. Solar Panel and

2 Nos. 165Ah Solar Inverter Battery (3 Years Warranty)

MRP: ₹ 82,893.00 (Including all taxes) ₹ 63,118.00(Including all taxes)


Q1. What is an inverter battery?

An inverter battery is a device that stores electrical energy. This energy is stored in the rechargeable energy storage device (battery) in the chemical form. Usually, our homes need current in the alternating current (AC) form, which is why we need a device that will convert direct current (DC) electricity to AC. This is why you need an inverter battery.

Q2. What is inverter and battery?

An inverter is a device known to convert direct current or DC into alternative current or AC. The DC is stored in the battery, which, after conversion to AC, is supplied to the different electronic devices when a power cut happens. That is why many people prefer to buy an inverter with battery for home.

Q3. What is the difference between a battery and an inverter?

The source of power is common for both batteries and inverters. However, the difference between both of these is that a battery will give out the DC current as it is, whereas an inverter will convert it into AC or alternating current.

Q4. What is the inverter used for?

The primary role of an inverter is to transform electricity from the direct current form to the alternate current form. The inverter proves to be an essential help when there is a power outage in the home since it acts like an alternative source of power and ensures that your workflow is not hindered.

Q5. What is the function of the inverter and battery?

The function of an inverter is the conversion of direct current or DC to alternating current or AC. On the contrary, a battery is a device in an inverter that will store the DC current.

Q6. What type of battery is best for inverter?

If you are thinking of buying an inverter battery for home, you must be wondering which is the best battery for your inverter. Of course, this depends on the utility as well as the preferences of the user. That being said, one of the most preferred kinds of batteries for an inverter is lead-acid batteries.

Q7. How do I choose an inverter battery?

When choosing an inverter battery, there are many factors you must take into consideration. The most important aspect is the inverter with battery price. Furthermore, you must consider the type of battery, its capacity, the maintenance required for it, and the warranty that that inverter battery comes with. Upon careful analysis of these factors, you will be able to buy the best inverter for your home.

Q8. Which battery is best for inverter, 150Ah or 200Ah?

The perfect battery for your inverter will depend on the purpose for which you are buying it. If you have basic power needs, you will be fine with a 150Ah inverter with battery for home. It is because it operates for several hours, supplying power to numerous devices at your home. However, if you need power from inverters for a prolonged duration, it is recommended that you buy an inverter with a 200Ah battery.

Q9. Which battery is best for inverter, dry or liquid?

Usually, wet inverter batteries are considered a good choice. There are many reasons why experts suggest choosing these, and people are checking these in every inverter with battery price list. Firstly, the charge-discharge capacity of such batteries is high. This is, of course, when you maintain them correctly. Furthermore, the chances of such batteries getting damaged because of overcharging are also low.

Q10. Which inverter battery lasts longer?

Upon optimum maintenance, lithium-ion batteries are considered to have a longer lifespan. On the contrary, lead-acid batteries have a shorter average lifespan, ranking between 3 and 5 years. Hence, if you are looking for an inverter battery for home that lasts for years, going with the lithium-ion battery inverters is a good choice for you.

Q11. How long does a 150Ah battery last?

Before you go ahead and search “inverter battery shop near me” on Google asking for an inverter with a 150Ah battery, it is vital that you know how long it will last in case of a power outage. A fully charged 150Ah battery will last for up to 3 hours (assuming a 400-watt bulb load). Of course, if lesser-wattage appliances are in play, the span will increase.

Q12. Is a 150Ah battery enough for a home?

Yes. For homeowners looking for power backup of upto 5 to 6 hours and having a decent use of electricity, a 150Ah battery is definitely enough. Hence, such people can start researching for the inverter battery 150Ah price soon.

Q13. What is the life cycle of a 150Ah battery?

Usually, a 150Ah 12v battery can have a life span of as long as 10 years. Of course, this will be determined by a large number of factors, from how well you take care of the battery to the way it is stored. Hence, if you genuinely wish to increase the lifespan of your inverter battery, you must maintain it properly.

Q14. Which battery is best for an AC inverter?

If you are using modern backup power solutions like an AC inverter, you will have to pair it with a lithium-ion inverter battery. This is because such batteries have a longer life span, provide high-density energy to the users, and are charged very quickly.

Q15. How many batteries are required for a 1.5-ton AC?

A standard 1.5-ton air conditioner would require almost four batteries (150Ah) if it has to function for at least 3 to 4 hours. Of course, this will significantly vary with your AC usage. Hence, before you start looking for an inverter battery for home, you must consider speaking with an expert about the same to make a better decision.

Q16. Can AC run on an inverter battery?

Yes, usually, you can use your air conditioner even on an inverter battery when there is a power outage. This works for both regular and inverter ACs. However, it is essential to choose an inverter that is capable of bearing the load required to operate your AC. That is why it is essential for you to choose only the best inverter for your home. If you are also looking for such an inverter with a battery, you can get it from UTL. With us, you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality of inverters. Furthermore, we have the most reasonable inverter battery 200ah price for our valuable customers. Added to this, we always have attractive discounts on our products. Now, you don’t have to worry about sweating and feeling hot when the power goes out during the summer. All you need is a good inverter battery from UTL, and you will be able to turn on those air conditioners.

Q17. What is the inverter battery price in India?

The inverter battery 150Ah price in India can be anywhere between Rs. 17,921 and Rs. 55,146. If you go for more superior models, the price will range from Rs. 33,515 to Rs. 82,893. There are many attractive discounts available on these inverter batteries if you buy them from UTL. Check out the fantastic range of products available by clicking here!

Q18. Which is the best inverter and battery for homes?

If you are looking for the best power backup solutions for your homes, you must consider buying an inverter with battery for home from UTL. With our promise of excellence, you can be sure that you are bringing home the best quality products. Furthermore, we have the most amazing discounts available for our customers. Lastly, we have the most comprehensive range of inverters and batteries online.

Q19. What is the normal life of an inverter battery?

The normal life of an inverter battery will depend on the kind of battery you are opting for. If you are choosing a lead-acid battery (which is commonly used in Indian households), you will get an average life of 3 to 5 years. On the other hand, if you choose a Li-ion battery, you get almost double the average life span of 8 to 10 years.

Q20. What is the minimum cost of the inverter?

If you buy from UTL, the minimum inverter battery 200ah price will be around Rs. 17,000. It is important to remember that there are many amazing discounts available on different inverters and batteries on our website. Hence, you no longer have to worry about high expenses when it comes to everyday convenience during power cuts.

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