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UTL Solar Battery are made extra durable with the help of high quality tall tubular polypropylene containers which offer complete protection from high heat. UTL’s solar tubular power batteries generate high power and voltage and stand tough in different operating conditions. The latest technical innovations are used while manufacturing them. These batteries are ideal to be used for different purposes and applications. Since these batteries emit less fumes, they are more environment friendly.


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Solar Battery Range Offer By UTL

40Ah Solar Battery

UTL’s Tubular 40Ah solar battery are engineered to generate high power and voltage. Latest technological advancements result in extended life and the ability to withstand several types of operating conditions. The battery has a unique tubular gauntlet and is made using superior active material and special grid alloy. Specialized vent plugs are utilized to ensure leak-proof operation. UTL has engineered each of its solar batteries in order to minimize the self-discharge rate.

↓ 48%
40AH Solar Inverter Battery

UTL 40AH Solar Inverter Battery – UST 4036

↓ 25%
UTL Solar Inverter Battery

UTL 150AH Solar Inverter Battery – UST 1560

Solar Battery Range Offer By UTL

150Ah Solar Battery

The entire series of UTL 150Ah solar battery are integrated with innovative and advanced tubular battery features which consist of NAT grids and multi-tube gauntlets that encapsulate the positive plate active material leading to cyclic stability. Moreover, UTL provides float vent plugs for the process of electrolyte level indication. UTL uses PE separators instead of ordinary PVC separators which results in extended and much enhanced battery life. UTL’s 150Ah Solar Tubular batteries are perfect for your home, office, etc.

Solar Battery Range Offer By UTL

165Ah Solar Battery

UTL’s 165Ah solar battery is a powerful solar battery that is utilized in many solar applications such as off-grid solar system and hybrid solar system, etc. It is a next generation solar battery manufactured using high durability sealed plastic housing. It is one of a kind solution for areas that experience long and frequent power cuts. It can also be easily maintained with the help of vent plug level indicators.

↓ 21%
UTL Solar Inverter Battery

UTL 165AH Solar Inverter Battery – UST 16536


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