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Get 100% money back
if you find a Battery costing lower than this

Get 100% money back
if you find a Battery costing lower than this

UTL’s USB 17100 Battery is the most affordable Battery

170Ah Inverter Battery

170Ah Inverter Battery
Capacity: 170AH, Warranty: 100 Months*

Other Affordable Inverter Batteries from UTL

UTL 150AH Inverter Battery

150Ah Inverter Battery
Capacity: 150AH, Warranty: 48 Months*

150Ah 72 Months Warranty Tall Tubular Solar Inverter Battery

150Ah Inverter Battery
Capacity: 150AH, Warranty: 72 Months*

200AH Inverter Battery

200Ah Inverter Battery
Capacity: 200AH, Warranty: 72 Months*

*Transportation & Installation charges of all batteries are extra

Fill this form to get the details, about nearest UTL Shoppe for USB 17100 Inverter Battery, on your WhatsApp

Fill this form to get the details, about nearest UTL Shoppe for USB 17100 Inverter Battery, on your WhatsApp

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Are you looking for an affordable battery?

Are you also being cheated in the pursuit of saving some money? Most people tend to buy batteries at cheaper rates with less warranty and size/capacity. But if you think about it wisely, Does buying a battery with a smaller size/ capacity and less warranty really save your money in the longer run?

Which among these batteries is your best choice?

Small Battery or Big Battery

Short warranty period or long warranty period

How to identify which one’s the best battery at a low price?

If you want to buy an economical battery at less cost whose battery back-up never expires and can last for years after years without any defect, then you have to choose the right battery for this! It is not necessary to have any technical knowledge to choose the right battery! You just need to know the following things! Choosing the right battery is no rocket science. Relax and follow the guidelines given below:

Price of the battery

That you need to pay

Size of the battery

The capacity of the battery that is measured in Ah

Warranty period of the battery

In months

PMPA - Correct Evaluation of Battery Cost

Per Month Per Ah ₹ PMPA

In this way, with ₹PMPA (पम्पा) you will be able to easily evaluate any Inverter Battery Price correctly.

Check the PMPA of any batteries you want to compare right here.

PMPA Calculator

Do not buy batteries without checking PMPA. See below for the lowest PMPA battery

Know why is UTL's USB 17100 battery the cheapest battery?

170Ah Inverter Battery

170Ah Inverter Battery

Because the price of this 170 Ah 100* months warranty battery of UTL is ₹ 13,857.00 (Inclusive of all Taxes) and its PMPA is 0.82 

Because PMPA of UTL 170 Ah 100* months warranty battery is 0.82 

Get full money back if you are not satisfied

UTL claims that even if you get a cheaper branded battery than this for 30 days after using UTL’s USB 17100 battery, you will get full money back**.

If this battery gets damaged then you will get a compensation worth ₹1000

If UTL's USB 17100 battery is damaged, you will get

Compensation of Rs 1000T

This is the real warranty!

UTL Solar – India's Most Trusted Brand

Over the past 25 years, UTL’s back-up systems and batteries have provided more than 10 billion hours of back-up to more than 10 million users in more than 20 countries, including the United States.

Manufacturing Units
Years Old Brand
1 Crore+
Satisfied Consumers
4 Bn

लम्बी लाइफ लिए HDPE material वाली प्लास्टिक कैप

लीक न होने वाले वेंट प्लग

कम वाष्पीकरण के लिए ज़्यादा प्योर एलाय

High Pressure Die Casting

अंत तक लम्बे बैक-अप के लिए ज़्यादा छोटे छेदों वाली टुबुलर गौंटलेट प्लेट

आखिरी महीनों में पूरे बैक-अप के लिए कार्बन, बेरियम सलफेट और लिग्निन का सही मिक्सचर

Features of Inverter Battery

Long Back-up Inverter Battery

Tubular gauntlet plate with smaller holes for longer back-up

Ordinary tubular batteries have large holes in the plate that leads to fast leakage of oxide particles, which gradually reduces the battery back-up. The specially designed tubular gauntlet plate in the UTL USB 17100 Battery has more number of smaller holes, which cuts the loss of active material but offers a complete surface for acid reaction. This also provides good back-up and prolongs the life of the battery.

Durable Inverter Battery

Right mix of carbon, barium sulphate, and lignin for complete back-up in the end months

Many tubular batteries experience significant reduction in the last months of their life. However, the UTL USB 17100 Battery provides good back-up, as it has fully balanced chemical material utilization factor in its positive and negative plates. The combination of carbon, barium sulphate, and lignin has been well utilized in the paste of the negative plate of UTL USB 17100 Battery , which helps in maintaining the ability to store charge in the plate during the end months.

Long lasting tubular batteries

Plastic cap made up of HDPE material for longer life

During the service life of a tubular or home UPS battery, the plastic cap under the positive tubular plate cracks and breaks, leaving its paste out and terminating the life of the battery. UTL USB 17100 Battery has HDPE material cap which is safe and does not allow the positive mass to come out.

High Pressure Die Casting Battery

High Pressure Die Casting

The UTL USB 17100 Battery has a high pressure die casting which reduces the gap between the molecules and leaves no room for anything else. This protects the battery plates from corrosion and improves the battery life.

Leak-proof vent plug

Even if you keep the battery tilted at 90 degrees for 45 minutes, the acid does not fall out of it. This offers two advantages; one is that very little acidic gas will be able to come out of the battery and secondly the transportation of the battery becomes safe and efficient.

Comparison between other battery and UTL Battery

Increased amount of pure alloy for less evaporation

In inverter batteries, the more pure the spine and grid alloy is, the higher their conductivity becomes. The higher the conductivity, the less hot the battery plate gets during charging. This results in decreased evaporation of water. The UTL USB 17100 Battery has a pure spine and grid alloy, which results in an advantage that you will only need to add water after 3 months compared to a normal battery.

Why UTL USB 17100 battery

This offer is being given as a trial only on the first 100 batteries, out of which only a few batteries are left.

UTL’s USB 17100 battery You can book online by paying just Rs 500. And after booking you will get the delivery of USB 17100 inverter battery from the designated store only.

सिर्फ 500 रुपये देकर अपनी बैटरी बुक करवाएं, और 5000 रुपये मूल्य की Lifetime बैटरी सर्विस, जिसमें घर पे आकर डिस्टिल्ड पानी डालना include है, बिलकुल फ्री में पाएं।

Rs. 500/- is fully refundable on cancellation of the order after booking, all you have to do is email the booking ID and account details to refund@utlups.com.

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* 50 महीने की रिप्लेसमेंट और 50 महीने की प्रोरेट्टा वारंटी

** UTL बैटरी उसी डीलर को वापिस देना होगा

T हर्जाने की पूरी राशि जानने के लिए वारंटी कार्ड देखें।

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