Solar Inverter Prices and Types in India

Solar Inverter Prices and Types in India

Ever thought of buying a solar inverter? If yes, have you compared the online solar inverter prices in India? If you are unsure of your decision and wondering if investing in a solar inverter is the right thing to do or not this blog is for you.

We have been asked several times: What is the difference between a solar inverter and an ordinary inverter? Through this article, we will try to answer this question. A twenty-four-hour power supply is rare in India. Very few areas in metropolitan cities can boast of having a continuous supply of electricity. This has resulted in the rise of the inverters/ UPS industry in India.

People have been familiar with power inverters or household UPS for a long time now. Due to frequent power cuts, India’s household inverter or UPS industry has been in high demand. But with time people have evolved to be more conscious environmentally. In recent times people try to make conscious decisions while buying a product to save both their money and the environment by doing their bit of research.

Inverters have evolved as the technology advanced with time. Inverters have become more intelligent and cost-saving.

Know the difference between solar inverter and regular power inverters before you buy. 

Although there are many branded models of inverters available, people usually go for cheap/unbranded models that can significantly increase electricity bills. The efficiency factor of inverters is not even considered a factor when buying an inverter. Here’s where you might need to re-think!

First, let’s understand what an inverter is? A power inverter is a device that inverts by using transformers, switches, and control circuits to convert direct current (or direct current) into alternating current (or alternating current). This is the basic function of any inverter: be it a solar inverter or a conventional inverter.

A home UPS or home inverter takes DC power from the battery and converts it to AC power used by electrical appliances. If the solar inverters is an “off-grid” solar power system, it will do the same. In the case of “connected to the grid”, the DC power supply comes from solar panel, and the AC power supply is supplied to the grid.

How Does a Home Inverter Work?

A typical home inverter system has an inverter and battery system connected to the home power connection. When the electricity comes from the grid, the UPS/inverter system uses the electricity from the grid to charge the battery. When the power is turned off, the inverter takes DC power from the battery and converts it to AC power used by household appliances. There is a circuit breaker in the system to detect whether the grid is not supplying power and switch the UPS to battery mode.

How Does a Solar Inverter Work?

The solar energy that we get in the form of sunlight is converted into electricity with the help of photovoltaic solar panels and solar inverters/ PCUs. The current generated by these panels is DC which is run through the inverter to convert it into AC, this current can be used to run electrical appliances at home.

Types of Solar Inverter

Depending on your need you can choose the best solar inverters for you. There are three types of solar inverters.

On-grid solar inverter Saves the solar electricity from getting wasted, On-grid inverters run the electrical appliances from the solar electricity generated and the extra electricity generated can be sent and sold to the national grid.

Off-grid solar inverter This makes you completely independent, this has a battery backup as well, the solar electricity generated during the daytime is used to run the electrical load and the battery is charged for backup during the night hours.

Hybrid solar inverter Smart inverters that charge the batteries from sun’s energy during the daytime and from the national grid during the night hours.

UTL SOLAR is a company that sells the best solar inverters with the patent applied rMPPT solar technology that saves 30% extra solar energy within the same investment. Solar inverters use the sun’s energy to run the electrical appliances at home,  charge batteries for backup, and save electricity from the grid.

UTL Offgrid Solar Inverters like Shamsi solar inverter, Heliac solar inverter, Gamma+ solar inverter, Gamma+ solar PCU & Alfa+ solar PCU have power backup.

Off-grid Solar Inverter Price List

Off-Grid Solar InvertersPower RangeDiscounted Price Range ( Inclusive of all Taxes )
Heliac Solar Home Inverter1050VA – 3550VARs. 7,201.00 – Rs. 29,917.00
Shamsi Solar Home Inverter675VA – 1475VARs. 5,347.00 – Rs. 8,810.00
Gamma+ MPPT Solar Inverter1kVA (12V & 24VRs. 12,009.00 – Rs. 13,228.00
Gamma Solar PCU2kVA – 5kVARs. 25,355.00 – Rs. 59,893.00
Alfa+ Solar PCU1kVA – 15kVARs. 22,803.00 – Rs. 1,83,112.00

UTL On-grid Solar Inverter like String Solar can send the extra solar electricity generated to the electricity board.

On-grid Solar Inverter Price List

On-grid Inverter ModelMRP ( Inclusive of all Taxes )Discounted Price ( Inclusive of all Taxes )
1kW 1P On-grid InverterContact us
2kW 1P On-grid InverterContact us
3kW 1P On-grid InverterContact us
3.2kW 1P On-grid InverterContact us
4kW 1P On-grid InverterContact us
4.2kW 1P On-grid InverterContact us
4.6kW 1P On-grid InverterContact us
5kW 1P On-grid InverterContact us
5.2kW 3P On-grid InverterContact us
5.5kW 3P On-grid Invertercontact us
6.6kW 3P On-grid InverterContact us
8.8kW 3P On-grid InverterContact us
11kW 3P On-grid InverterContact us
12kW 3P On-grid InverterContact us
10kW 3P On-grid InverterContact us
15kW 3P On-grid InverterContact us
20kW 3P On-grid Invertercontact us
50kW 3P On-grid InverterContact us
60kW 3P On-grid InverterContact us

UTL Hybrid Solar Inverter like Sigma+ are smart inverters that are a combination of off-grid and on-grid inverters.

Hybrid Solar Inverter Price List

Hybrid Solar Inverters ModelMRP ( Inclusive of all Taxes )Discounted Price ( Inclusive of all Taxes )
1kVA 24V Sigma+ Solar InvertersRs. 41,116.00Rs. 33,303.00
2kVA 48V Sigma+ Solar InvertersRs. 53,973.00Rs. 40,478.00
3kVA 48V Sigma+ Solar InvertersRs. 73,327.00Rs. 55,056.00
4kVA 48V Sigma+ Solar InvertersRs. 94,489.00Rs. 67,436.00
5kVA 96V Sigma+ Solar InvertersRs. 1,05,829.00Rs. 76,707.00
7.5kVA 120V Sigma+ Solar InvertersRs. 1,53,990.00Rs. 1,39,290.00
10kVA 120V Sigma+ Solar InvertersRs. 2,34,349.00Rs. 1,43,614.00
10kVA 180V Sigma+ Solar InvertersRs. 2,13,937.00Rs. 1,56,574.00
15kVA 240V Sigma+ Solar InvertersRs. 3,02,389.00Rs. 2,11,578.00

Consider these factors to see whether your solar inverters is efficient or not:

  • Is it cost-efficient?
  • Does it have an LCD Screen?
  • If it has the latest-advanced rMPPT solar technology?
  • Does it give you double backup from a single battery?
  • Can it run on generators?
  • Is it easy and quick to install?
  • Is it compatible with all types of batteries?

UTL GAMMA+ solar Inverters has the latest-advanced rMPPT solar technology, this generates 30% extra solar energy! (You get 30% extra solar energy from the same investment).

UTL Solar is a brand that undoubtedly consider all the above mentioned factors while manufacturing solar inverters, thus making them most optimum for their customers. The company makes the best solar inverters that have modern rMPPT solar technology. Making affordable solar available to all.

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