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UTL Batteries

Nowadays, electrical energy is ordinarily converted from mechanical energy, solar energy and chemical energy and so forth. A battery is a device that converts chemical energy to electrical energy. UTL completely comprehends the perpetual issues that go with power supply in India, and it's the reason of its set out to take the light to each family in India. UTL delivers a prevalent inverter battery range known for their enduring nature and flawless execution under any conditions. Solar batteries are exceptionally steady, protected, solid and rechargeable up to vast number of times. The fundamental reason for planning such batteries is to spare fuel and give an eco-accommodating condition.

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UTL SMF Battery

SMF Battery

UTL Batteries

SMF Battery

SMF battery Stands for Sealed Maintenance Free battery. These batteries are Maintenance Free and completely sealed because there is no need to add water so these batteries are Eco – friendly there is no damage of flooring by leakage of battery acid or water during the maintenance. The electrolyte utilized is as a part of the type of gel which fills in the plates of batteries. SMF batteries that are durable and delivered the rated performance.

UTL Batteries

Tubular Range

UTL’s Solar Tubular Power batteries produce high power and voltage, they stand tough in all operating conditions. They are precisely manufactured as per the latest technical innovations. The batteries are made extra durable by using high quality of tall tubular polypropylene containers which provide complete protection from high heat. These batteries are totally fit to be used in various applications. These are environment friendly and emit less fumes. Get superb battery backup along with unmatched maintenance-free long life. UTL's Solar Tubular Power batteries are perfect for your home and office.

UTL Solar Battery

Solar Tubular Power


Most frequent questions and answers of UTL Solar Battery

You need around 4 to 5 solar batteries for that much power requirement.

There are float vent plugs with water indicators in UTL solar batteries. You can easily see the level of water in the battery.

To run all these electrical appliances, you need to fix at least 4 nos of UTL solar solar batteries.

You need 4 solar batteries in 3kW solar system.

Yes, solar batteries are able to power 10HP solar water pump. To run 10HP solar submersible water pump, you need at least 10 solar batteries.

Yes, there is 36 months and 60 months warranty on solar batteries, depending upon the model of the battery.

A standard 12V 150Ah UTL solar battery can store 150 ampere hours 12 volt in it. However, the storing capacity of a solar battery can be increased or decreased according to its power rating.

The estimated life of UTL solar batteries are approximately 5 to 7 years.

The prices of 150Ah solar battery vary from model to model. You can check the price list at

Yes off course, you can install UTL solar batteries for your existing solar system of any capacity.


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