Hybrid Solar PCU

Hybrid Solar PCU


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UTL Hybrid Solar PCU

Sigma+ Hybrid Solar PCU

Sigma+ PCU is a solar power conditioning unit which is a single phase output, Inverter system. It works as a Bi-directional inverter which means power will be exported into the grid or power will be imported from the Grid.
The Sigma+ PCU work in two operating condition:
1. Stand-alone 2. Grid Interactive

Sigma+ PCU

Sigma+ PCU

↓ 6%
Zeta Hybrid Solar PCU

Zeta Hybrid Solar PCU 10kVA 120V

UTL Hybrid Solar PCU

Zeta Hybrid Solar PCU 7.5kVA to 50kVA

  • DSP based design Pure Sine Wave, Built in MPPT charge controller.
  • Maximum preference to Solar Power
  • USB / RS485 based monitoring with 31 days data storage, DC and AC energy meter.
  • Grid Interactive.
  • Robust design-20 yrs product life
  • High Efficiency and High Reliability
  • Thermal Protection
  • Fan ON/OFF - Temp Based
  • Available from 10kVA to 20kVA
  • AC and DC Parameter configurable from LCD.
  • AC - Output Voltage
  • Battery Charging Voltage (SPV & GRID)
  • Battery Charging Current (SPV & GRID), Battery Low Cut
  • Grid Charging, IT Load & Operating Mode - Enable/Disable by LCD.