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UTL E-rickshaw Controller

UTL is a reliable and prominent manufacturer of E-Rickshaw products. Solid Indian design and long life of products made UTL – The preferred brand in E-rickshaw products. UTL`s E-Rickshaw battery charger is SMPS based charger which is highly efficient and consumes very little power. UTL DC-DC Converter is designed to fulfill DC power requirements of E-Rickshaw vehicle. Its design is very simple and can be operate easily. It is compact in size and water proof.

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UTL E-Rickshaw

E-Rickshaw Controller

To maintain the satisfaction of our customers with our variety of products, it's a privilege for us to present our high functionality "E-Rickshaw Motor Controller.” We are providing our controller with smart & precise control to make it suitable for the worst condition & to make it more reliable.

E Rickshaw Controller

E Rickshaw Controller


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