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UTL Solar Home PCU

UTL is No.1 manufacturer and global leader in solar inverters, bringing you the wide range of solar inverters. UTL’s state-of-art, rMPPT based highly efficient solar inverter series includes: Heliac Solar Inverter Series, Shamsi Solar Inverter Series, Gamma PCU Series, Gamma Plus Solar Inverter Series & Alfa+ Solar PCU Series in Off-grid Solar Inverter Category.


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↓ 26%
Gamma Plus MPPT Solar Inverter 1 kVA /12 Volt

Gamma Plus MPPT Solar Inverter 1 kVA /12 Volt


Gamma+ Solar Inverter

Gamma plus MPPT solar inverter also known as Gamma+ or Gamma+ Home PCU. This is the best selling MPPT solar inverter in India in 1000VA range. This solar inverter is available in 12 volt and 24 volt, that support up to 1000 watt solar panel. You have options to use both types of 12 volt and 24 volt solar panels. This inverter comes with 2 solar battery options, single battery and double battery.

Rating Available: 1kVA/12V & 1kVA-24V


Shamsi Solar Inverter

Shamsi solar inverter that is widely used in the home, offices, commercial, and industrial sectors. There are various models in Shamsi solar inverter (675VA/12V to 1475VA/24V) depends on it voltage.
To fulfill the needs of customers and to make it fit for many applications, we offer various models of Shamsi PCU like
Rating available in Shamsi Solar Inverter 675VA/12V, Shamsi Solar Inverter 875VA/12V, Shamsi Solar Inverter 1075VA/12V, Shamsi Solar Inverter 1475VA/24V

↓ 14%
Shamsi Solar Inverter 675 VA/12V

Shamsi Solar Inverter 675 VA/12V

↓ 13%
Heliac Solar Inverter

Heliac Solar Inverter 1050 – 50A/12V


Heliac Solar Inverter

UTL Heliac solar inverter is one of the best inverter for home, which utilize both solar energy and grid power to charge the batteries. In first priority solar energy will run the load, charge battery and in second priority government electricity will be used. Heliac solar inverters are available from 850VA to 3500VA.
To fulfill the needs of customers and to make it fit for many applications, we offer various models of Heliac PCU like
Heliac PCU 1050VA/12V, Heliac PCU 1200VA/12V, Heliac PCU 1650VA/24V, Heliac PCU 2050VA/24V, Heliac PCU 2550VA/24V, Heliac PCU 3550VA/48V


Sunpack Home PCU

Solar Home PCU (Sunpack) is a solar hybrid inverter which utilizes both the Solar Power and Grid Power to charge the batteries with giving priority to solar power. Solar power is of the first priority while charging. This means that when Solar power is available, the batteries will be charged with it only, irrespective of whether Grid power is available or not. It is designed to give you the maximum advantages from the Sun and thereby reduces your Electricity costs.
Rating Aavailable in 800VA to 3000VA


Sunpack Solar Home PCU


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