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UTL E-Rickshaw Charger

UTL’s E-Rickshaw Battery Charger is highly reliable, efficient and easily installable. It is provided with various protection features which make it highly reliable. It can provide efficiency up to 90%. User can easily connect the charger with the batteries without any hustle. It has the capability to charge a battery which goes in to the deep discharge condition. This is one of the features which make it different from other brands.

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E Rickshaw Battery Charger

E Rickshaw Battery Charger

UTL E-Rickshaw

E-Rickshaw Charger

UTL has designed an E-Rickshaw battery charger, which is based on SMPS technology that is highly efficient and consumes very little power. Unlike SCR based charger, it extracts less power from the mains supply. It is integrated with a feature that determines the battery profile and charges the battery accordingly.


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