PMPA: Right Way to Analyze Battery Price!

PMPA: Right Way to Analyze Battery Price!

If you are looking or have looked for an inverter battery? You must have received a lot of offers from many battery companies. But, do you actually know what is the actual price of that battery? Well, this blog is dedicated to answering all these questions.

People come across several deals and price lists when it comes to buying an inverter battery; however, knowing the actual value of that battery should be crystal clear. The battery that you think is cheap, in reality, is far away from being cheap or inexpensive. Let us know how:

How to Decide Whether a Battery is Expensive or Cheap? 

Does reducing the size of the battery make it cheaper? or does decreasing the warranty period reduce its price? The answer is No! Due to a lack of knowledge about batteries and their correct evaluation, you suffer again and again. This results in the replacement of your battery after every two to three years. Most of the time this loss remains hidden and you don’t even realize the loss. 

This happens because the battery which you consider to be cheap has either less size (Ah rating) which results in less backup. Moreover, the cheap battery has less warranty due to which you have to pay the replacement cost once it stops working in 1.5 to 2 years. And sometimes both problems occur together in so-called “cheap batteries.”

UTL Solar has deduced a way to calculate the cost of the battery effectively. This method considers all the necessary parameters in the calculation. To calculate the PMPA cost you need to know three parameters:

  1. The price you will pay for the battery
  2. Battery size/capacity that is measured in Ah
  3. The warranty period of the battery (in months)

Consider the following example to understand the concept: 

If the cost of a 150Ah battery with 30 months warranty is ₹13500

Then, its per month cost is 13500/30= ₹450

Therefore For a 150Ah battery the PMPA Cost= 450/150= ₹3 per month per Ah (PMPA)   

With the help of PMPA cost, you can correctly evaluate the cost-effectiveness of any battery easily. Using this formula, UTL Solar has launched a battery with the lowest PMPA cost. UTL E-Com battery is a 170Ah battery that has a whopping warranty period of 100 months. The price of the battery is only ₹12500. This makes its PMPA cost to be ₹0.73.

Here You can Check the PMPA of any Battery for Comparison

Don’t Buy a Battery without Checking the PMPA.

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