How UTL E-Com is the Cheapest Solar Inverter Battery?

How UTL E-Com is the Cheapest Solar Inverter Battery?

With the beginning of the utilization of solar energy and solar products, the application of solar inverter battery is increasing. However, users tend to search for products that are both pocket-friendly and efficient. Though there are many options for solar inverter battery available in the market; however, are they actually cheap? To answer this we have to understand the concept of battery pricing:

Simply reducing the size (Ah rating) or decreasing the warranty period does not make a battery cheaper. The size and warranty period are two major factors that decide the battery price. Due to a lack of knowledge about batteries and their correct evaluation, you suffer again and again. A battery with a low Ah rating or a shorter warranty period can be troublesome. This results in the replacement of your battery after every two to three years. Most of the time this loss remains hidden and you don’t even realize the loss. 

To know the actual price, UTL Solar has come up with a way to incorporate both the Ah rating and warranty period into the calculation. The solution is known as PMPA (Per Month Per Ah) cost. To calculate the PMPA cost you need to know three parameters:

  1. The price you will pay for the battery
  2. Battery size/capacity that is measured in Ah
  3. The warranty period of the battery (in months)

Consider the above-mentioned concept, this is how UTL’s E-Com solar inverter battery is the least expensive in the market:

The cost of a UTL E-Com solar inverter battery is ₹12500. It is a 170Ah battery with 100 months warranty. 

Then, its per month cost is 12500/100= ₹125

Therefore for a 170Ah battery the PMPA Cost= 125/170= ₹0.73 per month per Ah (PMPA), which is the lowest PMPA cost in the market. This is why the UTL E-Com solar inverter battery is the least expensive in the market right now. Moreover, UTL will return your full money if you find another battery, within 30 days, that has less PMPA cost than the E-Com battery.

Here You can Check the PMPA of any Battery for Comparison

So Don’t Delay and Book Your Battery Now! 

This offer is being given as a trial only on the first 100 batteries, out of which only some batteries are left. You can easily buy the UTL USB 17100 battery online. After booking, a designated store will deliver the battery to you. UTL is also offering lifetime service for the battery that includes home visits and refilling distilled water.

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