Heliac – Best Solar Inverter Within Your Budget

Very few areas in metropolitan cities can boast of having continuous supply of electricity. This has resulted in the rise of inverters in India. With time people have evolved to be more conscious environmentally. In recent times people try to make conscious decisions while buying a product to save both their money and the environment by doing their bit of research.

We have seen the rise of solar energy in the last two decades. According to the stats, in the last ten years we have seen the cost of electricity per unit doubled whereas the cost of solar panel per watt reduced five times. According to the trends we can assume that in the next ten years solar energy will be cheaper than electricity. So you can see that solar is becoming a necessity and it’s the future!

Working of a Typical Home Inverter

A typical home inverter/UPS system has an inverter and battery system connected to the home power connection. When the electricity comes from the grid, the UPS/inverter system uses the electricity from the grid to charge the battery. When the power is turned off, the inverter takes DC power from the battery and converts it to AC power used by household appliances. There is a circuit breaker in the system to detect whether the grid is not supplying power and switch the UPS to battery mode.

Working of a Solar Inverter

An off grid solar inverter has an assembly of charge controller, batteries, solar panels, controller, and inverter. The batteries are charged using solar panels and the inverter has the same function of converting DC to AC. It can also have an automated switch to sense if the grid is not supplying power that can change the power source of the connected home from grid to batteries. Depending on the need the system can be designed to:

  1. To completely rely on solar power
  2. Charge the batteries from solar power when sun is available and from the grid when it is not.

Normally solar inverters have PWM (pulse width modulation) charge controllers, PWM very It is an old and trusted technology which produces only 1.5-2 units of electricity in a day from a 1kw panel. UTL Solar’s Shamsi & Heliac inverters have PWM charge controllers.

Lets see WHY Heliac Solar Inverter is the Best within your Budget?

This inverter costs less than Gamma+ inverter and upgrades you to solar. Heliac solar inverter is a pure sine wave inverter like Gamma+ inverter that’s engineered to give the best ROI (return on investment) as it has advanced features like solar charge controller, LED indication, maximum preference to solar, multi colour LCD display, built in IT mode etc. To make fulfil the customer needs, Helaic Solar Inverter is available in 6 models suitable for many applications.

Model NameMRP (Inclusive of All Taxes)Discounted Price (Inclusive of All Taxes)
1050 – 50A/12VRs. 9,266.00Rs. 7,201.00
1500 – 50A/12VRs. 9,698.00Rs. 8,572.00
2000 – 50A/24VRs. 12,298.00Rs. 10,197.00
2500 – 50A/24VRs. 18,480.00Rs. 11,992.00
3000 – 70A/24VRs. 29,717.00Rs. 17,074.00
4000 – 60A/48VRs. 33,464.00Rs. 29,917.00

How UTL Hybrid Solar Inverters Generate 30% More Electricity?

Special Features that Make Heliac Solar Inverter is the Best within your Budget:

  • Inbuilt PWM Solar Charge Controller.
  • Multi-Colour LCD Display.
  • Frequency Available 50 & 60Hz.
  • Multi Charging Stage. (Bulk, Absorption & Float)
  • Solar Priority for Load & Battery Charging.
  • Preference to Solar Power over Grid Power.
  • Pure Sine Wave Output.
  • Protections: RBP, BL, RSPV, OVL, SC, OBC, IHV & ILV.
  • Compatible with DG as an Input Source and IT Load.
  • Compatible with SMF, Gel & Tubular Batteries.
  • Priority Selection – PCU, Smart & Hybrid for Saving Money and Energy.

How is Heliac Solar Inverter user-friendly?

UTL Heliac solar inverter is one of the best inverters for homes, which utilize both solar energy and grid power to charge the batteries. In first priority solar energy will run the load, charge battery and in second priority government electricity will be used. Heliac solar inverters are available from 850VA to 3500VA.

It has a Multi-Colour LCD Display that enables you to take note of the working condition easily.

Buttons that make Heliac inverter user-friendly

  1. IT mode enabled or disable – Press button three times to enable or disable the IT mode.
  2. SMU and Tubular mode – Press button three times for on or off the SMU and tubular mode.
  3. Power On or Off.
  4. Boost Charging mode – Press this button three times for enable and disable the boost charging mode.
  5. Grid charging and DC mode – Long press button for enable and disable Grid Charging and DC mode.

Features that Makes Heliac Solar Inverter Best for you:

  • Heliac solar inverter is preferred to solar energy over grid power. It gives the first priority of charging solar over grid power. This means that when solar energy is available, the batteries will be charged through solar power whether grid power is available or not. The Heliac solar inverter switches to grid power only when solar energy is not available. Thus, helping in reducing electricity costs along with keeping the environment clean.
  • Heliac PCU can be operated with or without solar panels. The customer can use a heliac solar inverter as a regular inverter without bothering about the use of solar panel energy.
  • Heliac inverter has the smart feature to recognize the type of battery that’s connected to it. It auto adjusts the battery’s charging characteristics accordingly.
  • Extensive electronic protections are available on Helaic PCU. There are a number of protections that the Home PCU ensures. It stops reverse current flow from the battery to the solar array, it provides load short circuit protection, and battery / solar panel reverse protection through DC fuse and Overload protection also.
  • It is very compatible with the IT load which provide protections to IT instruments like printers, computers, etc.
  • The frequency of DG output is a very vital parameter that always varies. And if the system is in DG enable mode then the system will be compatible to take any of the frequencies as the input source frequency.

Operating Mode Selection

Cities – PCU Mode – Priority Solar →Battery → Grid

If there is more electricity in the cities, then it will run your load with generated solar power and battery. This way cuts your electricity bill.

Villages – Smart Mode – Priority Solar → Grid → Battery

In most of the towns generating electricity and saving bills are dual tasks; it will operate the loads with a synchronized combination of both generated solar power and grid electricity.

Towns – Hybrid Mode – Priority for load Grid →Solar →Battery and Priority for battery charging Solar → Grid

This mode will operate the load by generating solar power and grid electricity during the day and keep the battery charged for night backup.

Helaic solar inverter is compatible with Gel, SMF & Tubular solar batteries. Heliac inverters are engineered to have a long life due to the following protections: overload, battery low, battery high, output short, battery reverse, over heat, over frequency, under frequency and SPV high. So, as explained, if you are planning to buy a solar inverter, Heliac solar inverter is a great choice within your budget.

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