How UTL Hybrid Solar Inverters Generate 30% More Electricity?

How UTL Hybrid Solar Inverters Generate 30% More Electricity?

It is evident that there are lots of solar inverters available in the market; however, do you know there are some inverters among them that can generate extra electricity. Yes, you read it right extra electricity! This blog will help you understand how UTL’s hybrid solar inverters produce around 30% extra power as compared to other options available in the market. Let us check out how:

To understand this properly, we have to understand the concept of rMPPT. UTL has come up with a technology that is more advanced than MPPT technology. rMPPT stands for ‘Rapid Maximum Power Point Technology.’ The voltage of the solar panel keeps on fluctuating according to the light intensity of the sun. The voltage keeps on decreasing or increasing from morning to evening. At all times, according to the voltage of the solar panel, which output will get the most power, it needs to be constantly monitored and changed accordingly. This is what rMPPT technology does well.

If the tracking is done properly throughout the day, then it can lead to generation of 30% more solar energy. UTL Solar has also applied for a patent for this technology.

Features of UTL Hybrid Inverters

Hybrid inverters by UTL can take input from solar panels, battery, or grid depending on the requirement and need of the source. The hybrid inverters by UTL can be easily operated in one of the 3 suitable modes. This makes them one of the best home solar solution in India. It has different operating modes as well that are explained below:

PCU MODE for Cities

If there is more electricity in the cities, then it will run your load with generated solar power and battery. This way cuts your electricity bill.

Hybrid MODE for Villages

This mode will operate the load by generating solar power and grid electricity during the day and keep the battery charged for night backup.

Smart MODE for Towns

In most of the towns generating electricity and saving bills are dual tasks; it will operate the loads with a synchronised combination of both generated solar power and grid electricity. 

UTL has three models in its hybrid inverter segment:

Gamma+ Solar Inverter

Gamma+ rMPPT solar inverter also known as Gamma+ Home PCU is the best selling MPPT solar inverter in India in the 1000VA range. This solar inverter is available in 12 volt and 24 volt and supports up to 1000 watt solar panels. You have options to use both types of 12 volt and 24-volt solar panels. This inverter comes with two solar battery options, single battery and double battery.

Shamsi Solar Inverter

Shamsi solar inverter is extensively used in the home, offices, commercial, and industrial sectors. There are various models in the Shamsi solar inverter (675VA/12V to 1475VA/24V) depending on the voltage requirement.

Heliac Solar Inverter

UTL Heliac solar inverter is one of the best inverters for homes, which utilizes both solar energy and grid power to charge the batteries. The primary source is considered to be solar energy, which will run the load and charge the battery. The secondary source is the power coming from the grid.  Heliac solar inverters are available from 850VA to 3500VA.

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