Why solar energy is important for the future

5 Reasons – Why Solar Energy is Important for the Future

Every other day we read about the rising pollution, the hiking of fuel prices, and the depletion of fossil fuels. Headlines of various newspapers talk about these issues, there are special telecasts on various channels that highlight these issues to make people aware and responsible towards these global issues.

These issues are interrelated. Think would these issues still persist if people were aware and responsible? Think why these issues are getting alarming day by day.

The prime reason is not using renewable green sources of energy.

Environmental Impact of Solar Energy

When we talk about strong reasons why solar energy is important for the future, reduced pollution has to be the most important.

After all, we don’t want our future generations to live on paid oxygen!

The following reasons why solar power technology is a boon to fuel the future.

Less Pollution: Cleaner & Greener Environment

How much fossil fuel do you use in your day-to-day activities? Now think how much is consumed by the people living near you? The amount keeps getting bigger. We all love a clean-fresh environment, and still knowingly or unknowingly we are harming the environment. Burning fossil fuels for our daily energy needs produces toxic emissions like nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide etc.

The only solution to this problem is switching to green energy options like Solar energy. Using solar panels to generate electricity reduces carbon footprint and helps the environment to stay protected.

More Jobs

Solar sector is booming, with awareness people and commercial sectors have started installing solar panels. As this industry grows, it can be estimated that the solar field will be needing skilled laborers, employees, service engineers and marketing professionals who will keep this sector running.

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No More Power Outrage

We are too dependent on something that doesn’t let us be independent. Even if you wish to stay in places that’s far away from cities/ towns, away from residential setups you can’t, because there’s no electricity available in such remote areas. But with solar power now it’s possible to stay remotely.

With this we can boast that shortage of fossil fuels will never bother again. With the increasing demand of solar power there shall be a huge decrease in power outages.

Solar Saves Money

Solar is green for both the environment and pockets! 

Investing in the solar sector can be a boon for the investors, as solar is a booming sector. Many companies like UTL Solar, are known to be the leading in the solar industry.

Installing solar panels is a one -time investment, once you’ve paid your initial investment cost you can enjoy free electricity for the rest of its life. A solar panel has a long term guarantee period of 25 years.

Everything You Need To Know About Solar Panel

Basically with solar power one can save their money on electricity bills.

It also regulates the evaluation of housing loans and its prices. Imagine a house that has solar panels installed on its roof, and it claims to reduce your electricity bill or make it ₹0/- 

On the other hand there’s another house that runs on the electricity coming from the local grid.

Which house has more value? The house with more value will always cost more.

आइए देखते हैं क्या सोलर वास्तव में आपके पैसे बचाता है?

Suitable for Indian Climate

Another strong reason why solar energy is important for the future is, we know India is a blessed county that receives ample amounts of sunlight. This can be a game changer and a leading light for the solar sector companies especially in India, as this country has a suitable climate for harvesting solar power.

These reasons make a strong base for the solar sector to grow,  solar power secures the future by reducing the carbon footprint and gives new opportunities to the youth and welcomes new economical grounds. If you’re interested to know more about solar visit our website.

आप अपने शहर में सबसे बड़ा सोलर सिस्टम कैसे लगा सकते है, जानने के लिए वीडियो देखें।

UTL is 25 years old  and is one of the leading companies in the solar field, it is known to be India’s most preferred solar inverter brand.

Start Solar Energy Business in India with Less Investment

Start Solar Energy Business in India with Less Investment

We all want to be successful, and earn good enough to sustain and fulfill our dreams. But post-graduation life throws a reality-check at us. Only a few of your graduation batch mates crack to get their dream job. Do you think your luck and hard work in graduation have not paid you enough rewards as to some of your friends? Are your parents and family started to compare your salary package with your successful friends and cousins.

But Isn’t it true that even in your dream job, you work under a boss. Do you want to adjust to the orders of your boss?

Have you heard the phrase  “Boss is always right?”

Does it take away your freedom & creativity?

Do you think taking an exclusive showroom of a well-settled brand is a good enough start-up to gain respect from family and friends? Do you think your start-up will not only make you your own boss but also provide employment to others?

Be Smart, Think smart & Start A Solar Energy Business Today!

Any  Start-up requires an investment.

An IBM survey shows that 90% of the start-ups fail. Nobody including your parents will invest their hard-earned money in insecure ventures.

But if a start-up has proven itself more than 1050  times, would it become easier to convince?

Solar Sector is 20 years Old Secure yet Highly Booming Sector.

Do you agree that investment in solar is a sure-shot success start-up?

In the last 4 years, more than 1050 people have taken an exclusive UTL Solar Franchise and are running successfully. Do you think this is a highly suitable entrepreneurship opportunity for a young and capable graduate like you?

The option left after graduation is Post graduation. What if the luck and hard work don’t pay off again in PG?

Do you think investing in a well-proven solar business in India promising 50k-1L earning instead of investing in PG will fulfill your dreams?

It takes around 5-8 years to reach a good income level. If you get a job tomorrow, when do you think you will be reaching a career-settling package?

Would you prefer a sure-flying start-up in an established solar sector instead of uncertain average career growth through a job?

Jobs are limited and growth in jobs is percentage-based, while a start-up in the solar sector can grow at the speed of your hard and smart work because only 2.5 % of households have installed solar yet.

It takes only 6-12 months to settle and run your own UTL Solar Showroom profitably. Energetic young entrepreneurs will not only be settled but also be well-established businessmen by the age of 25.

Do You Believe in Yourself? If yes, You too Can Do It!

Running a successful solar business in India is no rocket science. You need to have a basic knowledge of what all solar products you can sell and how you ill sustain your business in the winter months when there’s less solar energy.

An Introduction to UTL Solar Products:

UTL products are mainly of two types: Solar Appliances & Solar Products.

Solar Products

Solar Panels: UTL solar panels are the latest technology and most innovative solar panels. Our solar panels are a very economical solar product. UTL solar panels have a real warranty of 25 years.

Solar Inverters: UTL Solar’s PCU is powered by patented rMPPT technology, which allows it to generate up to 30% more solar energy from the same solar panel than a normal PCU. Install UTL Solar, and make your own electricity. You can get UTL rMPPT Solar PCU for free!

Solar Batteries: You must have noticed that when there’s a power cut for a long duration, the back-up of the inverter battery also ends, so would you like to take such a battery for your home, which gives 20 to 25% more back-up for the same money? UTL claims that if you get a more economical-branded battery than UTL USB 17100 battery even after using the battery for 30 days, you will get full money back**

Solar Charge Controllers: The UTL manufactures solar charge controllers with high-efficiency built-in microprocessors that enable the solar charge controller to increase the energy transfer efficiency by up to 30%, compared to traditional charge controllers. UTL solar charge controllers have been designed for rugged conditions and offer unique features at affordable prices.

Solar Appliances

Solar Lights: Many times when there’s a power cut, not only you leave your work and sit idle in the dark, and due to the low battery in your phone, the phone also gets switched off. In such a situation, UTL’s Home Lighting System is very useful and it also saves your time by giving long backup.

Solar Torch/ Lantern: UTL torch & lanterns are rechargeable. It’s designed to be your companion

Before starting a solar business it’s important to check the demand in your area, In a country like India solar is a booming sector. It has a very high demand as India is blessed with the amount of sunlight it receives throughout the year. Dealers who started the solar business 7 years back are now distributors doing 1 Crore Per Month Sale.

How You Can Start Your Own Solar Business in India by Taking UTL Solar Shoppe Franchise with a Nominal Fee.

Some Other Best Selling Products by UTL are:

Washing Machine: UTL’s semi-automatic washing machine runs on low electricity uses less water to wash your clothes and doesn’t even make noises. Now get Semi Automatic Washing Machine from own brand UTL and that too from the showroom near you. Semi Automatic Washing Machine motor has 5 years of warranty.

UTL Smart LED TV: Now get a large screen UTL SMART LED TV at the cost of a small screen TV . Nowadays everyone has a 32-inch TV but if you have a big-screen TV, then watching TV is a whole lot of fun. People who have a big screen TV experience stadiums at their homes while watching cricket and kabaddi. They also enjoy web series & films on OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime & Hotstar like apps in HD+ quality.

UTL Gas Geyser: Benefits of installing a UTL gas geyser: Works without electricity, 1 kg copper heat chamber, double warranty double life, full winter hot water at half the cost, ISI mark safe geyser. UTL Gas Geyser provides hot water for the whole family at the cost of  2 cylinders only!

Stabilizer: Looking for a stabilizer? Get UTL Solar’s digitally controlled stabilizer with advanced technology and compact design.

UTL has other products like Washing machine, Big screen LED Smart TV, Mixer Grinder, Stabilizer & More so that your sale doesn’t go down during the winter months. October – February there are a lot of shopping festivals, like Diwali, Christmas, New-Year, Makar Sankranti etc. Where you can sell the non- solar products and continue to earn profit throughout the year.

अगर आप UTL सोलर की फ्रैंचाइज़ी लेना चाहते हैं तो यहां क्लिक करें।