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UTL 40AH Solar Inverter Battery - UST 4036

Brand: UTL

To know about the advantages, we should focus on the advanced design specifications of this inverter battery. It has a unique tubular gauntlet /Nat positive plate design, which offers cyclic stability, longer life, and higher capacity than flat plate batteries. It is made using superior active material & special grid alloy that help the battery to recover fast from deep discharge. Float vent plugs are provided for electrolyte level indication. The battery is covered with HDPE material caps which enhances the overall battery life. It is a C10 rated solar battery designed for better performance.

  • Model:- UST 4036
  • Warranty – 36 Months

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40AH Solar Inverter Battery – UST 4036

UTL’s Tubular 40Ah Solar inverter batteries are engineered to generate high power and voltage. Latest technological advancements result in extended life and the ability to withstand several types of operating conditions. The battery has a unique tubular gauntlet and is made using superior active material and special grid alloy. Specialized vent plugs are utilized to ensure leak-proof operation. UTL has engineered each of its solar inverter batteries in order to minimize the self-discharge rate.

One of the special features of this battery is that it is covered using  HDPE material caps. The battery has a C10 rating which proves its optimum performance. It has an extremely high life cycle 1500 @ 80% DOD. It is manufactured using high-pressure die casting which offers a high-level performance to the consumer. It has a very low self-discharge rate i.e. 2mV/per day, which makes the battery long-lasting. Some of the benefits of this battery is that it is easy to transport, it is very reliable and safe, offers maintenance-free performance, and is environmentally friendly. The battery is equally suitable for off-grid and hybrid solar systems. It gets quickly charged even after getting into  a deep-discharge state. UTL ensures its customers get full satisfaction after one time investment. Weight of the battery is 23.3kg. This battery comes with an attractive 36 months warranty.

Complete specification of 40Ah Solar inverter battery.

Particulars Description
Brand UTL Solar
Capacity 40AH
Model UST 4036 40Ah
Warranty 36 months
Nominal Voltage 12volts
Weight 23.3kg
Dimension (L*W*H) 410*176*233 mm

Explore the Unique Features & Benefits of UTL Solar Inverter Battery

Unique Features of 40Ah Solar Inverter Battery

  • Unique tubular gauntlet /Nat positive plates design
  • Superior active material & special grid alloy
  • Float vent plug for electrolyte level indicator
  • Covered with HDPE material caps
  • C10 rated solar battery for better performance
  • Extremely high life cycle 1500 @ 80% DOD
  • Comes with non-leaking vent plugs
  • High-pressure die casting for a unique experience
  • Very low self-discharge rate i.e. 2mV/per day

Benefits of UTL 40AH Inverter Battery

  • Reliable and safe solar battery for all electrical needs
  • Easy to transport, install, and clean
  • Cheap and maintenance-free solar battery
  • Environment-friendly solar solution for backups
  • Equally suitable for off-grid and hybrid solar system
  • Quick rechargeable even after deep discharge
  • Deep satisfaction with only a one-time investment

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Key Features

Unique Tubular/Nat positive plates engineered for longer life.

The battery has advanced tubular battery features such as NAT grids and multi-tube gauntlets that encapsulate the positive plate active material resulting in cyclic stability, longer life and higher capacity than flat plate batteries.

Quick recovery from deep discharge.

The grid structure of the lead acid battery is made from lead alloy. Pure lead is very soft, this is why we add small quantities of other metals such as antimony, calcium, tin, and selenium etc. that helps the battery to recover faster from deep discharge.

Float Vent Plug for Electrolyte Level Indication

Float vent plugs are provided, so that you can check the water level of the inverter battery after every two months. It is advised to maintain the water level in between the maximum and minimum water limit. Distilled water should always be used to top-up the battery. Do not use tap water or rainwater as it contains excess minerals and impurities which affect the life and performance of the battery.

PE Separators

Batteries at UTL utilize PE separators instead of ordinary PVC separators. The PE separators last longer and offer better results which results in longer and much enhanced battery life.

Long Backup Time

UTL is totally confident about the backup time that our inverter batteries provide. We can challenge anyone on the basis of the long backup time of our products. Our batteries provide the users with higher backup as compared to any other battery of similar rating. We are loyal to our customers and strive continuously to always deliver in the best way possible.

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