A Guide to Choosing the Best Online Solar PCU

Are you fed up with frequent data loss due to power cuts? Do you want an uninterrupted power supply? Online Solar PCU can get one stop solution to sudden power cuts, unstable voltage, and short circuits. Now you must be wondering what is a PCU & how an Solar PCU is different from a PCU. Come let’s understand.

PCU stands for Power Conditioning Unit. Now talking about online solar PCU it primarily charges batteries using solar energy and uses power from the grid secondarily for the same.

Solar makes it super eco-friendly and helps save a lot of money while reducing carbon blueprint. If you have considered buying solar PCU have you compared solar PCU price?

There are many solar PCU manufacturers in India but people tend to get confused when making the buying decision. Here in this blog, we will help you choose the best solar PCU within your budget. 

You must have heard about 25 years old trusted brand UTL Solar. It is the leading & fastest growing manufacturer of premium solar products like solar PCU, solar PCU inverter, off-grid solar PCU, on grid solar PCU, hybrid solar PCU, solar panels, etc.

UTL solar PCU has a robust design and is highly efficient, it has a critical balance of system that gives 100% uninterrupted power supply whenever there is a fluctuation in power voltage. UTL solar PCU have the potential to create an electrical firewall between the incoming utility strength and our electronic gear/apparatuses.

Components of UTL Solar PCU

UTL Solar’s solar PCU consists of a  solar charge controller, an inverter, and a grid charger. These components along with solar panels work to give 100% uninterrupted power supply.

Working of UTL Online Solar PCU

Solar PCU is a solar power conditioning unit that primarily uses solar energy and can also extract power from the grid if needed to charge the batteries. Power from the grid is only used when there’s no solar or when there’s a  fluctuation in battery voltage.

Features of UTL Solar PCU

UTL solar PCU is very economical as it’s best in price and quality. Our exclusive range of solar PCU has unique user-friendly features. Check out the features of the UTL solar PCU below.

  • Suitable for heavy load with multiple working modes.
  • MPPT technology-based solar charge controller.
  • Advance DSP-based design pure sine wave.
  • Designed in both Single and Three phases.
  • Ethernet-based monitoring for a better experience.
  • PCUs that give maximum preference to solar.
  • User-friendly and configurable parameters.
  • Robust design with 20 years long product life.
  • Lightning, surge protection.
  • Complete protection from short circuits, under/over-voltage.

UTL solar PCU range from 5kVA to 120KVA. Alfa Online Solar PCU, Mars Online Solar PCU, and Star Online Solar PCU are online solar PCUs manufactured by UTL Solar.

Alfa Online Solar PCU

This solar PCU has advanced technology for consistent power supply with a rectifier, auto float cum boost charger, battery-backed inverter, and short-circuit protection. Alfa online solar PCU is basically a single-phase, small size, and single card-based solar PCU with double-conversion technology.

To remove all power disturbances, Alfa online solar PCU automatically transfers the load to the grid power if the battery voltage fluctuates due to constant usage of power. Simultaneously it also charges the solar battery. Once the batteries get charged to the required level, the solar PCU cuts off the grid power from the system and restores it to feeding the loads from the battery bank while also returning to charging the battery from the available solar power.

Alfa Online Solar PCU Range
Solar PCU ModelMRP ( Inclusive of all Taxes )Discounted Price (Inclusive of all Taxes)
Alfa 5kVA 96V Solar PCURs. 99,209.00Rs. 92,716.00
Alfa 7.5kVA 120V Solar PCURs. 1,38,720.00Rs. 1,24,665.00
Alfa 10kVA 180V Solar PCURs. 2,00,167.00Rs. 1,86,788.00

Mars Online Solar PCU

This solar PCU is a next-gen solar PCU that is engineered to make your life simpler. It is a 3 phase solar PCU that works on the double conversion principle to provide regulated output voltage under several input conditions such as harmonic distortions, power failure, instability, surge,  frequency, sag, noise, and spikes. Mars Online Solar PCU has used  MPPT and DSP technology  with a single control board that ensures a stable,  independent, and transient free uninterrupted power supply.

Mars Online Solar PCU is the variable direct current output of a solar panel into a utility frequency alternating current that can be used by the local, off-grid solar electrical network or fed into a commercial electrical grid. Mars online solar power conditioning unit (PCU) has amazing functions adapted for use with photovoltaic arrays, including maximum power point tracking and anti-islanding protection.

Mars Online Solar PCU Range
Solar PCU ModelMRP ( Inclusive of all Taxes )Discounted Price (Inclusive of all Taxes)
Mars 5kVA 240V Solar PCURs. 1,19,232.00Rs. 1,11,262.00
Mars 8kVA 240V Solar PCURs. 1,61,352.00Rs. 1,50,772.00
Mars 10kVA 240V Solar PCURs. 2,07,230.00Rs. 1,82,623.00
Mars 15kVA 240V Solar PCURs. 2,69,568.00Rs. 2,37,589.00
Mars 20kVA 240V Solar PCURs. 3,59,316.00Rs. 3,16,744.00

Star Online Solar PCU

DSP based advanced  solar PCU, engineered to run  heavy loads smoothly as it  provides pure sine wave output. It is 3 phase solar PCUs with up to 30% more efficiency for a better experience. It provides stable voltage by preventing fluctuations in all input circumstances and gives priority to solar. It will use grid power only when solar energy is unable to suffice the load requirements.

UTL star online solar PCU has an Ethernet-based monitoring system that continuously monitors the state of the battery voltage, solar power output, and the load. It has multiple working modes and also provides the facility to charge the battery through either solar or grid power. If you have more than one source of power, you can use our star online solar power conditioning unit to regulate it.

Star Online Solar PCU Range
Solar PCU ModelMRP ( Inclusive of all taxes )Discounted Price (Inclusive of all taxes)
Star 30kVA 360V Solar PCURs. 4,81,140.00Rs. 4,24,122.00
Star 40kVA 360V Solar PCURs. 6,41,520.00Rs. 5,65,500.00
Star 50kVA 360V Solar PCURs. 6,68,250.00Rs. 7,06,878.00
Star 60kVA 360V Solar PCURs. 9,62,280.00Rs. 8,48,256.00
Star 80kVA 360V Solar PCURs. 12,83,040.00Rs. 11,30,878.00
Star 100kVA 360V Solar PCURs. 16,03,800.00Rs. 14,13,636.00
Star 120kVA 360V Solar PCURs. 19,24,560.00Rs. 16,96,392.00

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