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Why E-Com Battery Is Best Inverter Battery For Home?

If you live in an area with frequent power cuts, you must be aware of the inverter and inverter battery. Choosing the right inverter battery is important while installing an inverter system. Do you know how to choose the best inverter battery for home at the best price? If not, click here and read the blog Guide To Buy Best Inverter Batteries.

Want to get an inverter battery for home in easy installments? Want a real warranty on your inverter battery?

Generally, the inverter battery company offers a warranty of 3 years, but if the battery is defective, the cycle of replacement goes on for 15 to 30 days. Now in those days, they don’t care if your child’s examinations are going on and during the power cut they are not able to study. Other battery companies do not care whether you are able to eat your dinner or not. They don’t take charge if you are not able to entertain your guests due to the faulty inverter battery.

Why is the Inverter Battery Replacement Period So Long?

During this period the battery company runs the process of battery failure tests. Companies provide the new battery when the final claim is passed. During this cycle of replacement, the dealers of inverter battery try to compensate by giving a service battery. However, the service battery is unable to deliver required battery backup.  Even after paying the whole amount for the battery, you have to struggle during power cuts. Generally, the offered warranty for the inverter battery is only of 3 years of battery, but it is not useful when you actually need it. So, is this warranty of the battery real or fake?

Considering this problem, UTL has come up with an interesting solution. UTL has designed India’s best inverter batteries that is made using the latest technology and hence will not stop working. We are promising to give ₹1000 if the battery stops working. UTL is offering this because inverter batteries from other companies are failing and if you are troubled with our battery as well, you need to be compensated.

If our Battery Stops working you’ll get ₹1000* as compensation

Are you looking for an inverter battery for home that gives longer battery backup and has a longer battery life? If yes, then here are some features that make UTL Solar’s E-Com batteries give longer battery backups & longer battery life.

Features of UTL Inverter Batteries

Tubular gauntlet plate with smaller holes for longer battery backup

Ordinary tubular batteries have large holes in the plate that leads to fast leakage of oxide particles, which gradually reduces the battery backup. The specially designed tubular gauntlet plate in the E-Com Battery has more number of smaller holes, which cuts the loss of active material but offers a complete surface for acid reaction. This also provides good backup and prolongs the life of the inverter battery.

Right mix of carbon, barium sulphate, and lignin for complete battery backup in the end months

Many tubular batteries experience a significant reduction in the last months of their life. However, the E-Com Battery provides good backup, as it has a fully balanced chemical material utilization factor in its positive and negative plates. The combination of carbon, barium sulphate, and lignin has been well utilized in the paste of the negative plate of UTL USB 17100 Battery, which helps in maintaining the ability to store charge in the plate during the end months.

Plastic cap made up of HDPE material for longer battery life

During the service life of tubular batteries or home UPS batteries, the plastic cap under the positive tubular plate cracks and breaks, leaving its paste out and terminating the life of the battery. E-Com Battery has HDPE material cap which is safe and does not allow the positive mass to come out.

High-Pressure Die Casting

The E-Com Battery has a high-pressure die casting which reduces the gap between the molecules and leaves no room for anything else. This protects the inverter battery plates from corrosion and improves the battery life.

Leak-proof vent plug

Even if you keep the inverter battery tilted at 90 degrees for 45 minutes, the acid does not fall out of it. This offers two advantages; one is that very little acidic gas will be able to come out of the battery and secondly the transportation of the battery becomes safe and efficient.

Increased amount of pure alloy for less evaporation

In inverter battery, the more pure the spine and grid alloy is, the higher their conductivity becomes. The higher the conductivity, the less hot the battery plate gets during charging. This results in decreased evaporation of water. The E-Com  Battery has a pure spine and grid alloy, which results in an advantage that you will only need to add water after 3 months compared to a normal inverter battery.

How UTL E-Com Battery is the Cheapest & Best Solar Inverter Battery?

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