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Shamsi Solar Inverter: Make a Better Choice

This blog will help you make your buying decision when you are planning to buy an inverter for your home. Although there are a lot of options available in the market when it comes to buying a solar inverter. Through this blog you will be able to make the correct choice to get the maximum ROI (return on investment).

We have seen the rise of solar energy in the last two decades. According to the stats, in the last ten years we have seen the cost of electricity per unit doubled whereas the cost of solar panel per watt reduced five times. According to the trends we can assume that in the next ten years solar energy will be cheaper than electricity. So you can see that solar is becoming a necessity and it’s the future!

Working of a Typical Home Inverter

A typical home inverter/UPS system has an inverter and battery system connected to the home power connection. When the electricity comes from the grid, the UPS/inverter system uses the electricity from the grid to charge the battery. When the power is turned off, the inverter takes DC power from the battery and converts it to AC power used by household appliances. There is a circuit breaker in the system to detect whether the grid is not supplying power and switch the UPS to battery mode.

Working of a Solar Inverter

An off grid solar inverter has an assembly of charge controller, batteries, solar panels, controller, and inverter. The batteries are charged using solar panels and the inverter has the same function of converting DC to AC. It can also have an automated switch to sense if the grid is not supplying power that can change the power source of the connected home from grid to batteries. Depending on the need the system can be designed to:

  1. To completely rely on solar power.
  2. Charge the batteries from solar power when sun is available and from the grid when it is not.

When it comes to choosing the best solar inverter, there is one name that pops up in your google search, ‘SHAMSI’, a solar inverter by UTL Solar.

Why is SHAMSI the Best Solar Inverter for You?

Shamsi solar inverter has been manufactured to fit your budget, It has PWM (pulse width modulation) charge controllers like Heliac. Shamsi solar inverter is manufactured by UTL’s solar, whose  inverters are the most preferred solar inverter and leading in India. Shamsi solar inverter that is widely used in the home, offices, commercial, and industrial sectors. There are various models in the Shamsi solar inverter (675VA/12V to 1475VA/24V) depending on its voltage.

Since power usage from the grid is secondary, grid power is only used when solar power is not present and the battery voltage level is reduced to a certain level. Grid power is also needed when solar power is reduced to a certain level and battery voltage is reduced to a certain level.

Shamsi solar inverter has advanced features like PWM solar charge controller, most advanced LCD features, maximum preference to solar, capability of 100% panel rating, built in IT mode etc.

Reasons for Choosing SHAMSI Solar Inverter

Installing an Inverter without solar panels has a lot of demerits. This is because electricity generated from a normal power inverter system is 50% more costly. Let us explain how:

Ordinary power inverter systems consume around 20% electricity in storing the power in the battery, during its initial cycle. Then for every next charge cycle, around 10% of electricity gets wasted. Also, during a power cut, an ordinary power inverter system consumes 10% of power for every discharge cycle and utilizes 15% of power for battery utilization. Compared to an ordinary home inverter, the battery of UTL’s Solar Inverter System has an extended life of around 9-24 Months.

Normal power inverters do not provide extra backup. However, the Shamsi solar inverter offers additional backup. Moreover, UTL Solar has amazing offers through which you can buy the Shamsi solar inverter at the price of a normal inverter. Considering the ongoing trend it is the right time to buy a solar inverter system as electricity has become 2 times more costly in the past 10 years. However, solar panels have become 5 times cheaper and the prices are expected to further go down.

The Flexibility of SHAMSI Solar Inverter

In case you do not have the required space to install solar panels, you can easily operate this inverter without solar panels, similar to a normal inverter system. It is capable of working even without solar panels and you can get the solar panel installed any time according to your requirements. Shamsi solar inverter is integrated with a solar charger, which increases the solar panel efficiency and battery life. It has different operating modes as well that are explained below:

PCU MODE for Cities

If there is more electricity in the cities, then it will run your load with generated solar power and battery. This way cuts your electricity bill.

Hybrid MODE for Villages

This mode will operate the load by generating solar power and grid electricity during the day and keep the battery charged for night backup.

Smart MODE for Towns

In most of the towns generating electricity and saving bills are dual tasks; it will operate the loads with a synchronised combination of both generated solar power and grid electricity. 

So, as explained, if you are planning to buy a solar inverter, SHAMSI solar inverter is a great choice.

Special Features of Shamsi Solar Inverter

Maintain Battery Health for Longer Life

The Shamsi solar inverter feeds the battery installed to it at a constant boost charging current until its voltage reaches 14.58V and the float current, which maintains the voltage above 13.8V.

Modified Sine Wave Output

This has been engineered to suit your budget, Shamsi has modified sine wave output instead of pure sine wave output but don’t worry, this won’t affect the performance of the inverter. As mostly inverters have  modified sine wave output. But if you still prefer pure sine wave output you can check out our blog on Heliac product which has pure sine wave output.

Inbuilt IT Mode

IT loads which provide protections to IT instruments like computers, printers etc. In IT mode the change over time is very less so that there shouldn’t be any kind of breakdown in power supply.

Charging Multi

To increase the life of the battery, maintain the gravity and temperature and to increase the backup of the battery we use the stages of charging and equalize automatically in a month.

Operate without Solar

Solar inverters of shamsi series can be operated with or without solar panels. The user can use a solar inverter as a regular inverter without bothering about the use of solar energy.

Easy Installation & Low Maintenance

Shamsi solar inverter is extremely easy to install and is available at a very low budget. It also helps in reducing the electricity costs.

Unique Features

  • Maintain battery health for longer life.
  • Modified sine wave output.
  • Built-in IT mode.
  • Easy installation & low maintenance.
  • Best regulated output.
  • Battery Charging with Multi stage (Bulk, Absorption & Float).
  • Auto equalize in a month.
  • Protections: RBP, RSPV, OVL, BL, OBC, SC, IHV & ILV.
  • Inbuilt PWM Solar Charge Controller.
  • LED Display for Operation & Fault.

UTL Solar has a full range of SHAMSI solar inverters up to 675VA, 875VA, 1075VA, and 1475VA as per your requirement. So, as explained, if you are planning to buy a solar inverter, Shamsi solar inverter is a great choice within your budget.

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