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Know, What is a Real Warranty for an Inverter Battery?

The market is full of companies that sell inverter battery. But, have you ever thought the kind of warranty that most companies offer with their batteries is kind of vague. Yes, you heard it right the idea of warranty offers is molded in such a way by these companies that the customers only focus on the duration of the warranty offer rather than the actual value of it.
So, in this blog, we will be discussing a real warranty offer by UTL Solar. Let us know the general scenario of warranty offers by other companies.

The General Inverter Battery Warranty Offer Scenario

Generally, the battery company offers a warranty of three years. However, if the battery becomes defective during that period then the cycle of replacement goes on for 15 to 30 days. The customers have to face a lot of problems during that period. It is evident that the battery company does not care if. Your child’s examinations are going on and during the power cut and they are not able to study. Other battery companies do not care whether you are able to eat your dinner or not during power cuts. You are not able to entertain your guests due to the faulty battery.

What is the Reason for the Long Wait?

During this period the battery company runs the process of battery failure tests. Companies provide the new battery when the final claim is passed. During this cycle of replacement, the dealers of inverter batteries try to compensate by giving a service battery. However, the service battery is unable to deliver the required backup. 

Even after paying the whole amount for the battery, you have to struggle during power cuts. Generally, the offered warranty for the inverter battery is only 3 years, but it is not useful when you actually need it. So, would you consider this kind of warranty of the battery real or fake?

UTL’s Solution for this Problem

Considering the above-mentioned problem, UTL has come up with an interesting solution. UTL Solar has designed India’s best inverter battery that is made using the latest technology and hence will not stop working. UTL is promising to give ₹1000 if the battery stops working. We are offering this because inverter batteries from other companies are persistently failing and if you are troubled with our battery as well, you need to be compensated.

How is UTL Solar able to do that?

The answer is simple; our batteries are integrated with the latest and perfect technology. We care about the problems you have to face. Hence, we are offering the mentioned compensation if our inverter batteries ever stop working.

So check out our amazing range of inverter batteries designed for different needs. The experts at UTL Solar will guide you in understanding what you require and will also guide you about various offers. 


What is a real warranty for an inverter battery?

A real warranty for an inverter battery is a comprehensive warranty provided by the manufacturer that covers defects in materials and workmanship for a specified period.

What does a real warranty typically cover for an inverter battery?

A real warranty for an inverter battery usually covers manufacturing defects, premature capacity loss, and other issues that may arise during the warranty period.

How long is the typical warranty period for an inverter battery?

The warranty period for an inverter battery can vary, but it is commonly between 1 to 5 years, depending on the brand and battery type.

How can I claim the warranty for an inverter batteries?

To claim the warranty, you usually need to contact the manufacturer or authorized service center, provide the necessary documentation, and follow the specific warranty claim process.

What should I do if I encounter an issue with my inverter batteries during the warranty period?

If you encounter an issue with your inverter battery within the warranty period, contact the manufacturer or authorized service center for guidance on how to proceed.

Is it advisable to purchase an inverter battery with a longer warranty period?

A longer warranty period can provide added peace of mind, but it’s important to consider the overall quality, brand reputation, and performance of the battery in addition to the warranty duration.

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