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E Rickshaw Controller

Brand: UTL

To maintain the satisfaction of our customer with our variety of products, it’s a privilege for us to present our high functionality “E-RICKSHAW MOTOR CONTROLLER”. We are providing our controller with smart & precise control to make it suitable for worst condition & to make it more reliable.

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  • Battery Low voltage & Overvoltage protection
  • Over Heat protection
  • Robust cabinet with a better cooling system.
  • Electronic braking system
  • Throttle Error Protection
  • Anti Theft Protection(Optional)
  • Regenerative Braking (Selectable)
  • Speed Limiting (Selectable)

Battery Low voltage & Overvoltage protection

Our controller is embedded with all necessary protections like over current, Battery low/high voltage protection.

Over Heat protection

To protect the system from the overheat that can be generated in the worst cases, our system comes with over-temperature protection.

Robust cabinet with a better cooling system.

To make the cabinet satisfying every environment & condition, we are providing a robust cabinet with better cooling facility.

Electronic braking system

The facility of electronic braking has been provided to protect the Rickshaw from being driven when brakes are applied.

Throttle Error Protection

Unlike other motor controllers which burn when exposed to throttle error. UTL motor controller is safe in each kind of throttle error.

Anti Theft Protection(Optional)

If there is a requirement then we can provide a remote control for E-Vehicle. this remote control jams the wheels of the vehicle in case of the first movement.

Regenerative Braking (Selectable)

In most cities of India, there would be a minimum of 100 times vehicle braking in traffic. these braking waste not only momentum but also the battery enegry. But thanks to UTL motor controller now this energy is utilized to charge E-Vehicle batteries.

Speed Limiting (Selectable)

If you want to limit the speed of E-Vehicle then there is an option to do so in UTL motor controller





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