Convert Your Normal Inverter into Solar Inverter with rMPPT SMU

We have seen the important rise of solar energy in the last two decades. Moreover, in the last ten years, we have seen the cost of electricity per unit has doubled whereas the cost of solar panels per watt reduced five times. According to the trends we can assume that in the next ten years solar energy will be cheaper than electricity. So you can see that solar is becoming a necessity and it’s the future!

In recent times people try to make conscious decisions while buying a product to save both their money and the environment by doing their bit of research. Do you know you can convert your simple inverter into a solar inverter! Yes, it’s possible with a solar management unit (SMU).

SMU ensures priority usage of Solar Power to reduce Grid consumption. The SMU could charge battery automatically from photovoltaic (PV) systems. The charging process has been optimized for long battery life and improved system performance. The comprehensive self-diagnostics and extensive electronic protection can prevent damage against incorrect wiring or system faults.

The system can work as a domestic inverter and a solar inverter automatically or manually through a switch except at night. At the night the system will work as a normal domestic inverter.

Now, If you are looking to get Solar Inverter, but are thinking that the old Inverter installed in your house will become useless, then don’t worry solar management unit is the right choice for you.

Here’s how you can change your existing inverter into a smart solar inverter: UTL SOLAR SMU turns your existing inverter into a solar inverter which you can run easily just by installing solar panels.

Working of SMU

If the sunlight is full then the UTL SMU Inverter charges the battery from the solar panels first, when the battery is fully charged, it then runs the load from solar, and automatically the load starts running back on electricity in the evening.

इन्वर्टर को स्मार्ट सोलर इन्वर्टर बनाये, अपने इन्वर्टर को सोलर से चलाएं।

SMU Features

With Solar Charge Controller

In this, you get an In-built PWM Solar Charge Controller, which keeps the efficiency of Solar Panels and the life of Solar Battery longer.

Prevent from Under and Overcharging

SMU’s Solar Charger Take full care of Solar Battery, Get Perfect Solar Battery Charging in all Season.

Solar Panels Preferred

SMU gives priority to Solar Panels first.

Single/Double Solar Battery Inverter

The best thing about UTL SMU is that it runs on any inverter with one battery or two batteries. It has automatic battery selection.

High Speed and High-Performance Micro-Controller

System performance increases due to the use of micro-controllers in SMU with high capacity and better technology.

Compact Design with Wall Mounting

Due to its compact size and lightness, the SMU can be installed in less space.

Benefits of SMU Over Charge Controller

SMUCharge controller
Mains Controlling
It has an In-Built Solar Charger and due to the direct connection of SMU to electricity, more and more solar is used.
No Mains Controlling
Here Solar Battery Charger is connected to Solar Panels and Solar Battery, in which electricity is wasted due to lack of control over electricity.
Priority Always to Solar Panels
In this, you get the maximum use of Solar in Battery Charging with Solar Battery Charger.
No Priority Setting
In this, both solar and electricity are used in battery charging with Solar Battery Charger.
Battery Gravity Maintenance
SMU will charge the battery up to 15V once a month for good battery life.
No Such provision
By charging the battery separately from Solar Charge Controller, the battery lasts for less time.
Prevention from under & Overcharging
Best charging in any season.
No Overcharge Controlling
There is no control of Overcharge.
Over Temperature Protection
Prevents system failure.
No Temperature Protection
Solar Battery Charge Controller burns easily when the temperature rises.
Digital Display For Easy Monitoring
Digital Screen for your convenience.
Generally not available
LED Indications Only.
Shows Saving In Rs. & Units
View your savings in digital format.
Display Technical Parameter Only
There’s no saving display feature.

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