A home rooftop is covered with solar panels. Top 10 Best Solar Inverter in India

Top 10 Best Solar Inverter in India

A Solar Inverter is essential to all solar installations as they are the system’s brain. The primary task of the inverter is to convert the DC power produced by the solar array into usable AC power. The inverters now enable monitoring so the owners and the installers can see how the system performs efficiently. Solar inverter for home are very effective as they work independently from the grid and require a certain amount of battery storage.

In this blog, we will discuss India’s top 10 best-quality solar inverters.

So, check the list now.

What Are the Top 10 Best Solar Inverter for Home in India?

More than one crore inverters are sold in India every year, out of which the top 10 options for you are:

UTL Gamma Plus rMPPT Hybrid Inverter

It also has the latest technology included in its controller through the pure sine wave output and unique design. An efficient inverter with a multi-colored LCD provides the best power.

Microtek Solar 5KVA/48V Inverter

It is the latest technology solar inverter that supports lithium and lead acid batteries. It has a capacity of 5KVA with battery support of 48V. You can easily make single-phase and three-phase connections with this inverter.

Microtek 5KVA/48V MPPT Inverter

This solar inverter is perfect for extra power for initiating systems, especially motors, and appliances like pumps or ACs. It consists of a capacity of 5KVA with a battery capacity of 48 volts. It has MPPT Technology as well.

Luminous 5KVA/48V Sine Inverter

This is a heavy inverter, which is perfect for a big home. The sine wave inverter supports 48 volts of battery. It has a comprehensive power backup system perfectly suitable for commercial establishments.

Smarten 2500VA/24V Solar Inverter

It is another perfect inverter that is budget-friendly. It is perfect for your house where you want to run a water pump with basic appliances. It consists of a 2.5KVA capacity with a battery power of 24 volts.

Luminous 3.75KVA/48V Inverter

It is also an MPPT Solar Inverter for home that has a 3.75KVA capacity with 48 volts of battery power. The charge controller also extracts up to 30% more power from the panel.

Luminous NXG 850 Sinewave

This is another efficient inverter equipped with the best solar optimization technique, which increases the use of solar energy in both the charging and backup modes. It has a low solar grid power consumption.

Microtek M-Sun Inverter

You can consider it one of India’s top-quality solar inverters. It has the best power-saving technology and offers top-quality performance while keeping all your electric appliances running.

Muscle Grid 1200S IoT Inverter

This solar inverter is smart and extremely compatible with application control and versatile features. It has efficient battery management and is also available at a decent price.

Microtek 2.5KVA MPPT Inverter

It is another high-efficiency inverter of MPPT technology. It has advanced features with customizable settings, which are ideal for optimizing the usage of solar power.

These are the top 10 best solar inverter in India that you must check out. These are perfect for your house and have the best technology.

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