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UTL Li-ion 60V/10A Battery Charger

Brand: UTL

• Highly Efficient and Reliable.
• Charge Status LEDs.
• SMPS based fully automatic.
• Deep Discharge Charging Capability.
• Digital Control Circuit with Powerful
• Micro controller.


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Note: Price is exclusive of shipping charges. For home delivery pay shipping charges to your nearest shoppe/ dealer provided by UTL Solar For more details visit : Shipping Policy
*This price is not applicable at Andaman and Nicobar Islands

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Li-ion 60V/10A Battery Charger

The NPFC 60V/10A Charger is a Lithium-ion charger. UTL EV charger is SMPS based fully automatic  systems with powerful DSP microcontroller that provide smart charging in Li- ion battery( LFP and NMC battery chemistry). It is equipped with multiple battery protection feature like overheating,  reverse battery, short circuit and overcharging protections . It also enhances battery life as well as save electricity which is embedded into robust cabinet with compact design It has wide ranges of voltages(48V/60V/72V) in multiple current ratings.





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