How to Maintain Your Solar Panels 5 Easy Steps

How to Maintain Your Solar Panels: 5 Easy Steps

Are you someone who has invested in a solar system?  Or someone who’s planning to invest in solar panels for home? Do you wonder about how solar panels need to be maintained?

Well, this blog is all about how to maintain solar panels easily to keep them at their optimum condition for smooth and optimum performance.

Here are the top three most common concerns regarding solar panel maintenance issues:

  1. Do solar panels need cleaning?
  2. Will the solar panels stop working if they are not cleaned/ maintained regularly?
  3. How much time & money is required to maintain the solar panels?

Solar panels need very little care when it comes to maintenance. Regular cleaning of solar panels is not required unless you stay in an area that’s too dusty/ sandy. The solar panel’s efficiency will drop if dust/ sand/ pollen accumulates over the surface. Thus it’s important to keep the surface clean and for that, the output generated by the solar panels should be monitored regularly. If you notice any drop in the efficiency of the solar panels, then your solar panels might just need a basic cleaning. If your solar panels are placed correctly by your installer after a proper rooftop survey like UTL Solar does, then rains can be a boon for you!

Yes, you read it right! Rains can wash away the dirt/ dust particles time-to-time that accumulates on the surface of the solar panels.

Here are some solar panel tips for easy maintenance, you can save this article for future reference.

Make sure the Solar Panels are not Shaded

If the branches of a tree happen to shade the solar panels, try trimming them. Shading can lower the efficiency of solar panels.

Monitor the Inverter Daily

Keep an eye on the components of the solar system you have installed, inverters indicate if there’s any potential damage.

Keep a Note of the Daily Energy Yield

By taking note of daily solar-electricity production you will be able to see if the solar panels are working at their maximum potential or not. In case of any fluctuation due to weather inconsistencies, there’s no need to worry but if there’s any deviation otherwise you will need to clean up the solar panels/ call a trained service person depending on the situation.

Get it Serviced at least Once a Year

It’s important to get your solar panels serviced at least once a year. Hire trained technicians to check and service if required. This will save your solar panels from unexpected major damages.

You must always make a smart move by buying solar panels for home from the right place that offers good services as UTL does.

Keep your Solar Panels Clean

Keeping solar panels clean is important. And now it’s time to answer the most asked question “can I clean the solar panels myself?”, the answer to this question is yes!

Yes, readers! You can clean your solar panels by yourself, but here are some precautionary tips that you must follow while cleaning the solar panels. Following these solar panel cleaning tips will not only help you protect your solar panels but also save your panels from any major damage.

  • Shut down the solar system while cleaning solar panels and don’t forget to switch off the whole solar main switch.
  • Always refer to the user manual given by your manufacturer for special-care instructions.
  • Clean the solar panels at a comparatively cool temperature. Mornings are best for cleaning as there is natural light, moreover, the morning moisture makes the cleaning easier.
  • Never use pressure washers, hard soaps, or scrubs to wash solar panels. It’s always better to use distilled water at the normal temperature & soft cloth.
  • If you’re using a brush/ broom make sure it’s used only for cleaning solar panels and not for daily chores. Don’t use anything that will cause scratches on the surface of solar panels.

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