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Gamma+: The Next-Generation MPPT Solar Inverter That Will Cut Your Electricity Bills

If you are Buying a 1.4 kVA -1.5 kVA standard solar Inverter then you also have to purchase four solar panels of around 330W capacity in the composition.

A gamma plus MPPT solar inverter is a next generation solar inverter which produces 30% more electricity while using fewer solar panels. When compared to other solar inverters, GAMMA plus solar inverter is incredibly efficient. Thanks to its r-MPPT Technology, it can produce power equivalent to four solar panels with just three solar panels.

What is r-MPPT technology?

rMPPT stands for Rapid Maximum Power Point Tracking technology. As sunlight changes from morning to evening, the voltage of solar panels keeps varying. At different voltage levels, the power output is different. To get the maximum possible power, the system needs to continuously monitor and adapt to the panel’s voltage.

This is what rMPPT technology does efficiently. By tracking and adjusting the operating point through the day, it ensures up to 30% more solar energy can be harvested compared to traditional controllers.

In simple words, rMPPT is a smart solar tracking system. It monitors and adapts to the changing conditions to squeeze the maximum power from morning to evening. The result is higher solar energy output for all your electricity needs.

Why does UTL’s GAMMA Plus MPPT technology outshine the competition?

The Gamma+ MPPT Solar Inverter has consistently been the top choice among consumers. Besides being 30 % more effective, it has several other amazing qualities. Let’s take a look at these aspects of it.

The r-MPPT technology is implemented into the UTL Solar Gamma+ Inverter. It is commonly known as Rapid Maximum Power Point Tracking; it is one of the most cutting-edge technologies utilized in solar inverters.

r-MPPT (rapid maximum power point tracking technology) measures the fluctuations in solar panel voltage that result from changes in exposure to light. So, it is used whenever you need to monitor and record the varying solar panel voltage, as well as its highest extracted output. By being able to track optimally from sunrise to sunset, it is possible to increase extractable solar energy by as much as 30 %.

Advanced Dual Power Backup with Single Battery

The UTL Solar Gamma+ inverter provides an innovative way to get dual backup support from just a single battery. Its built-in MPPT solar charger allows solar energy to act as a second power source, eliminating the need for an additional battery bank.

This inverter also stands out with its stylish LCD panel that monitors system status. It can run critical loads either from solar input or an AC generator when grid power is unavailable.

The Gamma+ delivers maximum flexibility – it works efficiently with SMF, Gel, Tubular or any other battery type you may have. Smart features like MPPT tracking, priority load support, and generator compatibility make this a great single battery solar solution for uninterrupted power.

Key features of Gamma+ MPPT Solar Inverter

Gamma Plus MPPT solar Inverter comes with several special solar and inverter features that make it a versatile and efficient energy solution:

Solar Features:

  • Solar Priority Load & 2nd Battery Support – Allows prioritizing solar power to critical loads and charging a secondary battery bank.
  • Built-in MPPT Charge Controller – Ensures up to 30% more efficiency from solar panels by maximum power point tracking.
  • Supports up to 1000W Solar Input – High solar input capacity for running larger loads.
  • 100% Solar Panel Tracking – Maximizes solar energy harvesting throughout the day.
  • Compatible with 12V & 24V Solar Panels – Flexible support for different system voltages.

Inverter Features:

  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter – Provides clean AC power safe for sensitive devices.
  • Multi-Color LCD Display – Intuitive monitoring and control.
  • 50Hz & 60Hz Frequency Support – Compatible with both grid standards.
  • Multiple Charging Modes – Optimized battery charging with bulk, absorption and float stages.
  • Comprehensive Protections – Prevents damage from issues like low battery, overloading, short circuit etc.
  • Compatible with Generators & IT Loads – Flexible backup power options.
  • Works with Different Battery Types – Supports flooded, Gel, Tubular batteries.

The combination of advanced MPPT solar charging, priority load support, pure sine wave output, and flexible compatibility make this an excellent solar hybrid inverter for off-grid and backup power needs. The display and multiple modes provide ease of use and system optimization.

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How you can get UTL GAMMA+ MPPT solar inverter

When compared to other solar inverters, GAMMA+ MPPT solar inverter is extremely effective. Due to its r-MPPT Technology, it can produce the same power that four solar panels produce with just three solar panels. Therefore, you can prevent paying for the installation of a single solar panel by selecting UTL’s Gamma Solar Inverter and saving between Rs. 8,000 and Rs. 9,000. Hence, the cost of your GAMMA+ Solar Inverter is completely covered and it is free for you.

Gamma plus mppt solar inverters is great choice for converting solar power. They last a long time, need little maintenance, and are eco-friendly. These “MPPT” inverters can capture more energy from solar panels. So you can count on solar-powered UTL inverters to harvest and deliver solar energy day after day. You can purchase gamma plus mppt solar inverter through UTL authorized dealers across India, retail stores, online platforms, and our UTL Solar websites.

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