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Alfa Pro Online UPS 10kVA-180V

Brand: UTL

• LCD Color Display Input, Output & Battery Parameters, Load Percentage, Working Satus of UPS at Mains mode or Inverter Mode & Fault Message

• Active Power Factor Correction DSP Controlled, Unity Power Factor on Full Load, Reduces Input AC Current to Half in Comparison to SCR Charger.
• Customization Available
• Single Inverter Card Including Power Device All in One Single Inverter Card with DSP Controller.
• Communication SN MP/Ethernet RS232 USB


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Alfa Online UPS 1kVA to 10kVA

UTL ALFA online UPS is an uninterruptible power supply incorporating double-conversion Technology. The double conversion principle eliminates all power disturbances in the main supply.
ALFA online UPS provides an independent, no breaking source of clean, stable, transient free uninterrupted power supply with output neutral bonded to the ground this protects critical loads against power line disturbances and loss of commercial power. The UPS gives an accurately controlled sine wave AC output without any line disturbances. It provides Regulated Sinusoidal Output Voltage under several Input conditions such as power failure, surge, sag, spikes, noise, frequency instability and harmonic distortions. The true advantage of the this online UPS is its ability to provide an electrical firewall between the incoming utility power and your sensitive electronic equipment.

Highly reliable single Card-based UTL’s Online UPS comprises of a rectifier, an auto float cum boost charger, battery-backed inverter with under-voltage, over-voltage, short-circuit protection along with a high degree of Input to Output isolation. The amplification stage has IGBT technology for pure sine wave output.

  • Pure Sine Wave Output
  • User Configurable Parameter
  • Option for Ethernet connectivity
  • IGBT based charger
  • Isolation transformer
  • Auto Bypass Facility
  • Applications

Available in: 1kVA, 2kVA, 3kVA, 5kVA, 6kVA, 7.5kVA, 10kVA.



Key Features

Pure Sine Wave Output

UTL’s ALFA online UPS is a Microcontroller, High Frequency PWM Technology Based “True Online” Double Conversion UPS System with IGBTs or MOSFETs at the Inverter Stage thus provides pure Sine wave output with high reliability and Efficiency. Making the ALFA online UPS totally fit for running heavy loads like ACs, Industrial Motors and Pumps at gas stations etc. Even highly sensitive medical equipments such as life support systems work flawlessly with this ups.

User Configurable Parameter

This features makes our system user friendly. Dealer can change the parameters according to their requirement. We are giving the following parameter which are configurable through display.
Charging current

Input Low and High cut (145-275)
Output Voltage – 230
Output Voltage-Low & High – 180-250
Battery Low cut – High cut

Option for Ethernet connectivity

The ALFA online UPS manufactured by the house of UTL has the option to connect to the internet via a built in Ethernet port at the back of the ups. When connected to the internet UTL’S ALFA online UPS let its user to enjoy the freedom of monitoring its working from any where he likes, may he be in any part of the world and be using any kind of internet device.

IGBT based charger

UTL’s ALFA online UPS turns out to be more like a savings account for the user. Being IGBT based this ups has a power factor of a whopping 0.9 where as it is just 0.7 in a parallel SCR based UPS. Because of having a power factor which is relatively higher the ALFA online UPS helps to save up to 40% more power which in turn leads in large savings during its period of use.

Isolation transformer

ALFA online UPS has an inbuilt isolation transformer, this helps in giving a better impedance match of a critical load to an electrical circuit. Totally fit for use in hospitals the isolation transformer in the ALFA online UPS protects the sensitive equipments. UTL’S ALFA online UPS suits Indian Power Conditions to its best making it installable anywhere from a hi-tech city to any village in India.

Auto Bypass Facility

ALFA Online UPS is provided with the auto Bypass facility. This protects the UPS in overload condition by shifting the load on Mains when load increases from its rated value. This is done by using a relay which acts as a switch. Relay connects the load to the Mains when the load connected is greater than the rated value. This feature also protects the load by shifting it to the Mains only when Mains is in the safe value for the load.


• IT equipments and systems (computers, printers, monitors etc.)
• Process controls, testing & measuring instruments.
• Medical & electronics health-care equipments & Life-support systems in hospitals.
• Security lighting & Control centers
• Safety systems in power stations
• Audio-visual equipments.


Specification of ALFA Pro Online UPS 10kVA-180V
Specification of ALFA Pro Online UPS 10kVA-180V


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