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3.6 kW UTL On Grid Solar Inverter

Brand: UTL
  • Low startup Voltage
  • PV overload upto 30%
  • DC switch available on above 4.2kW
  • Wide AC Voltage Range (160V to 290V).
  • Working Temperature upto 65°C
  • AC & DC Side Type-II 20kA SPD (Double Surge Protection)
  • Less Noise Emission >25dB
  • Remote Monitoring through UTL SOLAR App
  • High MPPT Efficiency upto 99%
  • Power Export Limiting
  • Easy Installation Low Maintenance
  • Warranty: 10 year Onsite Warranty.
  • Download User Manual Click Here


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About On Grid Solar Inverter

In UTL on grid solar inverter which is better known as the grid-tie solar inverter is like a key component of a solar system. A grid-tie solar inverter is often used with an on-grid solar system where solar panels are installed and connected together in a series to convert solar energy into electrical energy. This energy from the series of solar panels is fed into an on-grid inverter so that the energy can be converted in alternating current (AC) compatible with our house appliances. If the alternative power (solar power) being produced is insufficient, the deficit is sourced from the electricity grid by an on-grid solar inverter.

Basically, the main work of an on-grid solar inverter is to convert DC electrical power into AC power suitable to power your load and for injecting into the government utility grid. But for this, the grid-tie inverter (GTI) must match the phase of the grid and maintain the output voltage slightly higher than the grid voltage at any instant. An on-grid solar inverter will only work when there is a constant electricity supply from the power grid. Nowadays, modern grid-tie inverters are equipped with a fixed unity power feature that means its output voltage and current are perfectly lined up.

UTL on grid solar inverter further connects with a Net-Meter. It’s again a small solar device that allows you to send the excess electricity generated by the solar system in the electricity grid through an energy meter. You will be credited by the utility company (Government) for this. The electricity that is sent to the utility grid by you can then be used by other consumers on the grid.

3.6 kW On-Grid Solar Inverter

UTL, a leading manufacturer of solar inverters, offers highly efficient and low cost grid-tie solar inverters that are specially designed to meet your each and every single requirement. UTL on grid solar inverter are advanced technology, properly configured solar inverters that enable you to use an alternative power source i.e. solar power without any extensive rewiring and without batteries.

Silent Features

Nowadays, the focus of end-users has been shifting from traditional power sources to renewable power sources. In order to convert this step into confidence, UTL has equipped all its solar products including on-grid solar inverters with amazing features. Let’s have a look at these amazing features.

  • Transformer-less inverter for better compatibility.
  • Low harmonic current distortion (THDi<3%).
  • IP65 certified grid-tie solar inverters.
  • Comes with Onboard SPDs for DC & AC sides.
  • Supportable for Wi-Fi and monitoring applications.
  • Eco-friendly and reduce carbon footprints.
  • Manufactured with multiple protection levels.
  • Compatible with all capacity solar panels.




Specification of 3.6 kW On-Grid Solar Inverter
Specification of 3.6 kW On-Grid Solar Inverter



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