E Rickshaw Controller
E Rickshaw Controller

E Rickshaw Controller

E Rickshaw Controller

 To maintain the satisfaction of our customer with our variety of products, it's a privilege for us to present our high functionality "E-RICKSHAW MOTOR CONTROLLER". We are providing our controller with smart & precise control to make it suitable for worst condition & to make it more reliable.
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    Battery Low voltage & Over voltage protection

     Our controller is embedded with all necessary protections like over current, Battery low/high voltage protection. [Top]

    Over Heat protection

     To protect the system from the overheat that can generated at the worst cases, our system comes with over temperature protection. [Top]

    Robust cabinet with better cooling system.

     To make the cabinet satisfying every environment & condition, we are providing robust cabinet with better cooling facility. [Top]

    Electronic braking system

     Facility of electronic braking has been provided to protect the Rickshaw from being driven when brakes are applied. [Top]

    Throttle Error Protection

     Unlike other motor controller which burn when exposed to throttle error. UTL motorcontroller is safe in each kind of throttle error . [Top]

    Anti Theft Protection(Optional)

    If there is a requirement then we can provide remote control for E-Vehicle . this remote control jams the wheles of vehicle in case of forst movement . [Top]

    Regenerative Braking (Selectable)

    In most Cities of india there would be minimum of 100 times vehicle braking in traffic . these braking waste not only momentum but also the battery enegry . but thanks to UTL motor controller now this energy is utilize to charge E-Vehicle batteries . [Top]

    Speed Limiting (Selectable)

     If you want to limit the speed of E-Vehicle then there is a option to do so in UTL motor controller .  [Top]
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