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Solar Charge Controller (High Rating)

Brand: UTL
 The Solar charge controller based on rMPPT technology . The controller features a smart tracking algorithm that maximizes the energy harvest from the PV and also provides load control to prevent over-discharge of the battery.  Extra power gathered from the modules is then made accessible as increased battery charge current. With rMPPT innovation the charge efficiency  can be expanded by up to 30%, reducing the size of the array required and saving on installation costs .


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Solar Charge Controller

  • It is Just Free
  • Multiple Charging Stages
  • Utilizes maximum power available from the panel
  • Attractive Display and Informative Indications

It is Just Free

The UTL make rMPPT Charge Controllers are 30 % More efficient than normal charge controllers, as they employ Razor sharp Maximum Power Point Technology. The voltage at different point of times from Morning to evening varies and to tap it different input voltage selection for DC output source are required. MPPT does it accurately, so that you achieve maximum out of your investment in Solar panels. We employ both Perturb and Observe along with Incremental Conductance both methods in parallel.  We call it Razor sharp because it switches the point of solar output voltage very sharply. Now, you need to use only 70% of needed Solar Panels, thus saving 30% of investments, which makes the UTL rMPPT Charge Controller virtually absolutely Free.[Top]

Multiple Charging Stages

To maintain the life of battery the UTL make rMppt Solar Charge controller have Four different charging stages as given below

Bulk/Boost Charge
 – In this stage, the battery voltage has not yet reached boost voltage and 100% of available solar power is used to charge the battery. When the battery has recharged to the Boost voltage set point, constant- current regulation is used to prevent heating and excessive battery gassing. After Boost stage system goes to Absorption mode Charge. Every time when the controller is powered on, if it detects neither over discharged nor over voltage, the charging will enter into boost charging stage.

Absorption Charge
 – After the battery is fully charged in Boost voltage stage, the controller maintains the battery voltage to Absorption voltage set point by reducing current. So that battery gets fully recharged. When the battery is fully recharged, there will be no more chemical reactions and all the charge current transmits into heat and gas.

Float/Trickle Charge – When absorption mode gets over, controller reduces the voltage to the floating stage, charging with a smaller voltage and current. It will reduce the temperature of battery and prevent further gassing, also charging the battery slightly at the same time. The purpose of Float stage is to offset the power consumption caused by self consumption and small loads in the whole system, while maintaining full battery storage capacity.

Equalize charge
Equalizing charge every 28 days or after 20 cycles brings all cells to similar levels by increasing the voltage to 2.50V/cell, or 10 percent higher than the recommended charge voltage. An equalizing charge is nothing more than forced overcharge. It removes sulfating that may have formed during low-charge conditions.MPPT solar charge controller have four charging stages as given below

Utilizes maximum power available from the panel

The Solar Charge Controller senses the point  of maximum power available in the panel and charges the battery with this maximum power. Therefore, the battery is always charged with maximum possible power at any given time.

Attractive Display and Informative Indications

LCD Indications -In the solar charge controller we use the attractive 16*2 LCD display which shows the Four parameters like voltage and current status at that instant i.e.
PV (Solar / Input) Voltage, SPV (Solar / Input) Current, Battery (Output) Current, Battery (Output) Voltage

LED Indications -Apart from LCD Display there is also LED indications which will help you to check the followings parameters

SPV ON – It will provide information about Solar present or not. This Green LED always solid glow with buzzer. If not glows means solar not present.

CHG. ON– It will provide information that whether charger switched ON or not. This Green LED always solid glows with buzzer. If not glows means charger is not switched ON properly.

BATT. FULL – It will provide information about the current status of battery. If this Green LED solid glows, it means battery get fully charged upto its set point and no need to be charged.

BATT. LOW – Battery low indication provides you information about current status of battery. If this Red LED solid Glows means battery level is low and needs charging.
SPV (LOW / HI) CUT-This indication of Red LED if solid Glows means solar power is present but provided solar power is higher than the requirement of the system, At this time charger get switched off and no charging current will flow. Or if this Red LED blinks Means provided solar power is low and not sufficient to meet the power required by the system.





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