Deep Impact 3kVA
Deep Impact 3kVA
Deep Impact 3kVA

Deep Impact Online UPS 3kVA

Deep Impact 3kVA

The DEEP IMPACT from the house of UTL is a relatively new concept in the power sector. The DEEP IMPACT UPS from the house of UTL packs all the features of an online UPS in a compact form factor, further being transformer less the DEEP IMPACT is extremely light and portable, making it easily installed in homes or even in offices. UTL’S DEEP IMPACT range of online UPS is a powerful, affordable and reliable backup option for your appliances.

Available in 3 kVA / 72 volts, the DEEP IMPACT range of UPS is a product that is capable of taking care of the backup needs of your computers along with the other appliances.


Sr. No.






UPS is not able to charge the batteries.

No indications

Mains I/P Source may be off or AC Fuse may have been blown.

If AC Fuse is blown replace the AC Fuse. Switch on the Mains I/P source. Check the I/P supply lead.




Excess load connected to the UPS output.

Reduce the load.


No charging

Batt. Low

Batteries are deeply discharged.

Switch OFF the UPS. Recharge the batteries. When mains is present. Switch on the UPS when Mains is present.


UPS trips whenever mains failure, no backup or reduced backup.

Batt. Low

There may be loose battery terminals or there may be corrosion/sulphation on battery terminals. Deep discharge of batteries. Battery Fault.

Tight the battery terminals. Charge the Battery for at least 10hrs. Check each battery individually for battery fault.


System on but no output (Mains absent)

Batt. ON

There must be loose connection in o/p socket.

Check o/p socket wiring.


No Output

Only Mains ON

System ON which may be fault. There may be internal failure.

Check the system ON switch keeping both DC & AC inputs OFF. In case of internal failure please contact our service centre.


1. Connect batteries to the UPS
    • Connect batteries in series to make 72V DC.
    • Check the polarity of batteries.
    • Connect the red wire to the positive terminal and the black wire with the negative terminal of the battery.
2. Change the ac fuse
    • At the back of the UPS remove fuse holder cap by rotating it, take the damaged fuse out.
    • Replace the damaged fuse with a new one of the same rating. Extra fuses are provided in the fuse box.
    • Put the fuse holder cap as it was before.
3. Change the dc fuse
    • At the back of the UPS take the damaged fuse out by pulling it.
    • Replace the damaged fuse with a new one of the same rating. Extra fuses are provided in the fuse box.
    • Put the fuse back as it was before.
4. Bypassing the current
    • Take off the Mains input lead from Deep Impact’s input socket.
    • Take off the wire plug inserted in the output socket of UTL’s Deep Impact.
    • Insert the plug back into the same Mains socket in which the mains input lead was inserted.