2 Phase ARD 5HP to 10HP
2 Phase ARD 5HP to 10HP

Commercial UPS

2 Phase ARD 5HP to 10HP

The Automatic Rescue Device (ARD) works on the principle of powering and operating the Elevator Controller at rated Voltage to perform the Rescue operation. The Rescue device interfaces with the VFD which has a unique feature of "Low voltage DC operation" to operate the Elevator Motor with Low voltage Battery.
 The ARD comprises of Two-phase processor based inverter. During Mains power ON, it monitors the power and continuously charges the Batteries. In the event of a power failure, the Rescue device will activate within the selectable "response time". The Powerful Inverter will produce and supply 2-Phase,440V, sinusoidal power to the Controller. The Controller is now energized with 2-Phase power and will run the Motor in the nearest direction at low speed and bring the Elevator to the immediate next floor and opens the door automatically. Upon opening the doors, the trapped passengers shall exit and the Inverter will be off to prevent any further battery drain. When normal power resumes, the Automatic Rescue will automatically switch over the Controller to Normal Operation i.e 3Phase Input.
 This device is suitable for those buildings which doesn’t have an emergency power source allocated for the elevator.

 To fulfill the needs of customers and to make it fit for many applications, we offer various models of  Lift inverter:
ARD 5HP, ARD 7.5HP, ARD 10HP in Double Phase


    Safe and Reliable Operation

    The UTL ARD continuously monitors the battery voltage, battery current, and inverter current. Any fault condition is enunciated by the use of status LEDs and relay output. The system aborts the backup operation in the event of any fault condition [Top]

    Battery Charging Monitoring

     When grid is present the system monitors the battery charging condition. This aids in preventive maintenance the backup of battery.  [Top]

    Extensive Signaling

     Status LEDs indicate Mains ON, Battery ON,Battery Low, Battery Charging, Overload, System ON, Mains High, Short Circuit.  [Top]

    Flexible Turn ON of the Backup Power

     The backup power can be turned on automatically in the event of a grid power failure or on demand from external trigger inputs. There are two external trigger inputs. One is automatic which becomes active only when there is no mains-power and the other is active through ON/OFF switch manually. [Top]
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