Solar charge controller is an advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking battery charger for Photo-Voltaic (PV) systems. The controller features a smart tracking algorithm that maximizes the energy harvest from the PV and also provides load control to prevent over-discharge of the battery.

Key features

Battery Health For Longer Life

The Solar Charge Controller feeds the battery installed to it a constant boost charging current until its voltage reaches 14.2V and the float current (which is very close to zero) then maintains this voltage above 13V. Thus reducing the float current ( flowing for the longest period during the entire process) to zero, ultimately resulting in much enhanced battery life keeping it fully charged simultaneously.

Extensive Electronic Protections

There are a number of protections that the UTL Solar Charge Controller ensures. Solar Charge Controller stops reverse current flow from battery to solar array, it provides load short circuit protection, it provides Battery/Panel reverse protection through DC fuse and Overload protection also.

Highly Reliable

Solar Charge Controller is very highly reliable. This is due to the various protections, as discusssed above, included in it.

Better than PWM Solar Charge controllers

The UTL make rMPPT Charge Controllers are 30 % More efficient than normal charge controllers, as they employ Razor sharp Maximum Power Point Technology. The voltage at different point of times from Morning to evening varies and to tap it different input voltage selection for DC output source are required. MPPT does it accurately, so that you achieve maximum out of your investment in Solar panels. We employ both Perturb and Observe along with Incremental Conductance methods in parallel.

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