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What is the new rMPPT technology

rMPPT Technology: A Full Review!

The world of solar energy is changing rapidly. People are extensively working towards increasing the efficiency of photovoltaic cells and solar panels. In this blog, you’ll get to know about one of the technologies that are developed by UTL Solar. Before learning about we should know about certain concepts, Let’s check it out:

Solar Charge Controller

A solar charge controller, also known as a solar regulator, is essentially a solar battery charger that is connected between the solar panels and the battery. The main purpose of a solar charge controller is to regulate the battery charging process and ensure the battery is charged correctly and is not over-charged. 

Constant technological development is happening in solar charge controllers. Modern solar charge controllers have advanced features to make sure that the battery system is charged precisely and efficiently, including features such as DC load output used for lighting.

PWM vs MPPT Solar Charge Controller

A simple PWM, or ‘pulse width modulation’ solar charge controllers have a direct connection from the solar array to the battery and utilize a basic ‘rapid switch’ to modulate or control the process of battery charging. The switch or transistor remains open until the battery reaches the absorption charge voltage.

Then the switch begins to open and close rapidly (hundreds of time per second) to modulate the current and maintain a constant battery voltage. This works fine; however, the problem is the solar panel voltage is pulled down to match the battery voltage. This in turn pulls the panel voltage away from its optimum operating voltage (Vmp) and decreases the panel power output and operating efficiency.

Whereas, MPPT or ‘maximum power point trackers’ are far more advanced as compared to PWM controllers and enable the solar panel to work at its maximum power point or the optimum voltage for maximum power output. With the help of this clever technology, MPPT solar charge controllers can be up to 30% more efficient, depending on the battery voltage and operating voltage (Vmp) of the solar panel.

A step further than MPPT Technology!

UTL has come up with a technology that is more advanced than MPPT technology. rMPPT stands for ‘Rapid Maximum Power Point Technology.’ The voltage of the solar panel keeps on fluctuating according to the light intensity of the sun. The voltage keeps on decreasing or increasing from morning to evening.

At all times, according to the voltage of the solar panel, which output will get the most power, it needs to be constantly monitored and changed accordingly. This is what rMPPT technology does well. If this tracking is done properly from morning to evening, then up to 30% more solar energy gets generated. UTL Solar has also applied for a patent for this technology.

UTL Solar has integrated this latest technology into its wide range of solar home inverters. Such as Gamma+ inverter, which is a hybrid inverter because it can take input from Solar Panel, Battery, or Grid depending on the requirement and need of the source. This Hybrid Inverter by UTL can be easily operated in one of the 3 Suitable Modes. This makes UTL Solar Gamma+ one of the best home solar solutions in India.

UTL rMPPT Technology Based Alfa+ सोलर इन्वर्टर PCU – अब पहले से 30% ज्यादा पावरफुल, जानने के लिए देखें वीडियो

UTL’s Best New Technology Solar Inverter PCU

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