Solar Tubular Power
Solar Tubular Power

Solar Tubular Power

Solar Tubular Power

UTL’s Solar Tubular Power batteries produce high power and voltage, they stand tough in all operating conditions. They are precisely manufactured as per the latest technical innovations. The batteries are made extra durable by using high quality of tall tubular polypropylene containers which provide complete protection from high heat. These batteries are totally fit to be used in various applications. These are environment friendly and emit less fumes. Get superb battery backup along with unmatched maintenance-free long life. UTL's Solar Tubular Power batteries are perfect for your home and office.
Available In:-
  • UST 1536 - With 3 Years Guarantee
  • UST 1560 - With 5 Years Guarantee
  • UST 2036 - With 3 Years Guarantee
  • UST 2060 - With 5 Years Guarantee
  • UIT 1536 - With 3 Years Guarantee
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    Unique tubular/Nat positive plates designed for longer life.

    Discover Advanced Tubular batteries feature NAT grids and multi-tube gauntlets that encapsulate the positive plate active material resulting in cyclic stability, longer life and higher capacity than flat plate batteries. [Top]

    Quick recovery from deep discharge.

    The grid structure of the lead acid battery is made from lead alloy. As we know pure lead is very soft and we add small quantities of other metals like antimony, calcium, tin and selenium etc. that help the battery to recover fast from deep discharge. [Top]

    Float vent plug for electrolyte level indicator.

     Check the water level of battery after every two months. maintained the the water level in between the maximum and minimum water limit. Always top-up the battery with distilled water. Do not use tap water or rainwater as it contains excess minerals and impurities which affect the life and performance of the battery. [Top]

    PE separators

     Batteries at UTL employ PE separators instead of ordinary PVC separators. The PE separators last longer and give better results which leads to longer and much enhanced battery life.  [Top]

    Long backup time

     UTL is totally confident we and can challenge any one on the basis of long backup time of our products. Our batteries provide the users with higher backup as compared to any other battery of similar rating. We are loyal to our customers and strive continuously to always deliver in the best way possible. [Top]

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