SMF Batteries
SMF Batteries

SMF Batteries

SMF Batteries

SMF battery Stands for Sealed Maintenance Free battery. These batteries are Maintenance Free and completely sealed because there is no need to add water so these batteries are Eco – friendly there is no damage of flooring by leakage of battery acid or water during the maintenance. The electrolyte utilized is as a part of the type of gel which fills in the plates of batteries. SMF batteries that are durable and delivered the rated performance. These batteries are used as a part of UPS and Inverter. All of the batteries have airtight development. UTL offers SMF batteries with great performance. The battery emits no gas or fumes so it can be placed near to the UPS or any other Electronic System so it saves the transmission loss and will get lower cost of wires from UPS to Batteries. The batteries are light weighted so these are easy to install and much secure for indoor use they don’t need any separate room they can be install in the single cabinet . These batteries are instant power source so there is no delay between receipt and use. These can be installed by stacking together in any position without any effect on its performance. The lower internal resistance of UTL makes SMF batteries can allow up to 10 times more than its rated discharge current.

 In the End the UTL provides you the high quality and compact designed pollution free battery which has long service life without any maintenance.

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    Perfectly Compact Design

    The UTL SMF batteries use high grade materials, and a fully controlled plate-production procedure to give superb output per cell. The high Energy Density results in perfect force/volume and power/weight proportions. The great design makes the batteries smaller in size and Great in performance [Top]

    Free From Maintenance

    UTL battery permits inconvenience free and safe operation in for whole life of battery. There is no need to check the electrolyte level and putting the distilled water in the battery. It will save the money of your manpower that checks the level of Electrolyte of other batteries regularly.  [Top]


     UTL SMF batteries are the best among their kind. It do not produce corrosive and harmful gases that can harm the environment. They are maintenance free, so the user do not need to take care about the batteries. [Top]
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