Shamsi Solar Home PCU
Shamsi Solar Home PCU

Home PCU

Shamsi Solar Home PCU

Shamsi PCU is a Solar Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) which uses Solar energy (primary) and also the power from grid (secondary), to charge the batteries. Since usage of power from grid is secondary, grid power is only used when solar energy is not present and battery voltage level reduces to a certain level. Grid power is also needed when solar power is reduced to a certain level and battery voltage is reduced to a certain level.
Shamsi PCU has the following advance features like PWM solar charge controller, Most advanced LCD features, Maximum preference to solar, Capability of 100% panel rating, Built in IT Mode etc.
To fulfill the needs of customers and to make it fit for many applications, we offer various models of Shamsi PCU like Shamsi PCU 675VA/12V, Shamsi PCU 875VA/12V, Shamsi PCU 1075VA/12V,  Shamsi PCU 1475VA/24V 

    Maintain Battery Health for Longer Life

    The Home PCU feeds the battery installed to it at a constant boost charging current until its voltage reaches 14.58V and the float current (which is very close to zero) then maintains this voltage above 13.8V. Thus reducing the float current (flowing for the longest period during the entire process) to zero, ultimately resulting in much enhanced battery life keeping it fully charged simultaneously. [Top]

    Modified Sine Wave Output

    A sine wave output is the optimum waveform for electronic equipment. The incoming AC line is a sine wave, thus electronic equipment expects to see this type of waveform. A sine wave is the most expensive output form for UPS manufacturers to produce due to more complex circuitry and components. [Top]

    Inbuilt IT Mode

    IT loads which provide protections to IT instruments like computers, printers etc. In IT mode the change over time is very less so that there should not be any kind of breakdown in power supply. [Top]

    Charging Multi Stage (Bulk, Absorption & Float) Auto Equalize

    To increase the life of battery maintain the gravity and temperature and to increase the backup of battery we use the stages of charging and equalize automatically in a month. [Top]

    Operating Mode Selection

     PCU Mode - Priority   Solar →Battery → Grid
    Smart Mode - Priority   Solar → Grid → Battery
    Hybrid Mode - Priority for load   Grid →Solar →Battery,
                             Priority for battery charging    Solar → Grid

    Can Operate without Solar

    Shamsi can be operated with or without Solar Panel. The user can use Home PCU as a regular inverter without bothering about use of solar power. Whenever the user feels that solar power would be beneficial, he/she has to just install a Solar Panel and then derive the benefits of Solar Power. [Top]

    Easy Installation & Low Maintenance

    Home PCU is extremely easy to install and is available at a very low budget. It also helps in reducing the electricity costs. This means double advantage for the customer. Thus, it is an ideal product for present day and age. [Top]
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