E Rickshaw DC DC Converter
E Rickshaw DC DC Converter

E Rickshaw DC DC Converter

E Rickshaw DC DC Converter

UTL DC-DC Converter is designed to fulfill DC power requirements of E-Rickshaw vehicle. Its design is very simple and can be operate easily. It is compact in size and water proof. It can be operated from 40V DC to 60V DC.
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    Designed to meet adverse Indian climatic condition

    As we know that Indian climate changes very rapidly, so it is designed such that it can operate under adverse Indian climate condition. [Top]

    Input Reverse Connection Protection

    If by mistake someone connects it into wrong connection or into reverse connection, it would not burn because it has built-in input reverse connection protection. [Top]

    Solid Aluminum Alloy cabinet

     It can be transported from one place to another place with considering shock absorption because here we are using aluminum alloy cabinet. It is also good for heat dissipation. [Top]

    Low Battery cut off

     It will switch off under low battery. Due to low battery cut-off feature. it will not go into deep discharging. As a result it will increase the battery life span. [Top]

    Best performance due to High Efficient PWM

     Its performance is too good because here we are using highly efficient P.W.M technology [Top]

    Output Short Circuit Protection

     If accidentally system gets into short circuit then system would not burn as we are providing short circuit protection. [Top]


     Its component will not get affected by water as this is protected by water using IP65 standard enclosure. [Top]

    Light weight

     Its light weight allows it, to move easily from one place to another place. [Top]
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