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Solar Power Pack 12V/10A

Brand: UTL
UTL Solar Power Pack is an integrated system consisting of Solar charge controller and Grid charger. For increasing the battery life, Solar Power Pack provides Smart Charging Technique (Bulk, Float and absorption). If battery voltage is charged to preset level, Solar Power Pack goes to cut-off mode and it disconnects the power from Solar or Mains.


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Solar Power Pack 12V/10A

Solar Power Pack is hybrid battery charger and DC power solution for DC equipment. It can provide power to battery and DC equipment using both solar as well as AC mains supply. Solar Power-pack uses micro-controller based MPPT algorithm to maximize energy from solar PV array. It has a number of output ports for fan, light, mobile charging etc.

  • PV Charging Efficiency >90%
  • LED Indication for Battery Charging and Battery Low.
  • Visual Display Parameters.
  • Temperature Compensation for Charging/Discharging.
  • Small Size.
  • Light weight.
  • Solar Power-pack has the following protections.

PV Charging Efficiency >90%

Efficiency of PV charging is greater than 90%. Thus Solar Power Pack gives optimum performance.

LED Indication for Battery Charging and Battery Low

Solar Power-pack has LED indications for Battery charging and Battery low conditions.

Visual Display Parameters

The following parameters can be visually read from Solar Power-pack display: Battery volt, charging %, charging current : main status: solar voltage, solar current : load voltage, load current.

Temperature Compensation for Charging/Discharging

Solar Power Pack possesses Temperature compensation for charging/ discharging feature.

Small Size

Solar Power Pack has a very small size and is thus easy to handle.

Light Weight

Solar Power Pack has very light weight. Therefore it is very easy to use and install.

Solar Power Pack has the following Protections:

  • Reverse Polarity of PV.
  • Reverse Polarity of Battery.
  • Over Current.
  • Over Voltage.
  • Over Load.
  • Load Short Circuit.
  • Deep Discharge.
  • Input Surge Voltage.
  • Protection Against Battery (night time leakage through PV)
  • Load Protections (LVD,LVR,HVD,HVR)




Panel Open Ckt Voltage, Voc 21.6V
MPPT Volt., Vmp 16.4V
Max. Panel Wattage 150W
AC I/P Volt. 220V+/-10%
Max. Power 150W
Batt. Charging Volt. 14V
Batt. Charging Current(Max) 10A
Ripple Volt. 50mv
Load volt 12V
Max. load current 3.5A
Mobile charger
Voltage 5V
Current 1A
Visual Display on LCD
Solar Voltage, Solar Current
Battery Voltage, Battery Percentage(%), Battery Current,
Load Voltage, Load Current
Mains status
Temperature Compensation Battery Charging Y
Load Feature LVD, LVR, HVD, HVR Y
Data Logging By USB USB Interface(Optional)
Battery Reverse Y
Solar short Circuit Y
Solar I/P Revese Polarity Y
O/P Short Circuit Y
O/p reverse polarity Y
Deep discharge Y
Protection agaist battery ( night time lickage current from PV) y
Solar Charging Current limit Y
LED status
LED1( Charging ON) Glow Solid(GREEN)
LED2( Battery Low) Glow Solid(RED)
Tranisent and Surge protection Yes
Withstand Volt. 1.5KV
Efficiency(at full Load) >90%
Working Temperature -10°C to 50°C
Control algorithm Enhanced MPPT


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