Solar Power Pack 12V/10A
Solar Power Pack 12V/10A
Solar Power Pack 12V/10A

Solar Power Pack

Solar Power Pack 12V/10A

UTL Solar Power Pack is an integrated system consisting of Solar charge controller and Grid charger. For increasing the battery life, Solar Power Pack provides Smart Charging Technique (Bulk, Float and absorption). If battery voltage is charged to preset level, Solar Power Packgoes to cut-off mode and it disconnects the power from Solar or Mains.

Solar Power Pack is hybrid battery charger and DC power solution for DC equipment. It can provide power to battery and DC equipment using both solar as well as AC mains supply. Solar Powerpcak uses microcontroller based MPPT algorithm to maximise energy from solar PV array. It has a number of output ports for fan, light, mobile charging etc.





Possible Cause & Their Solution


System Not ON.

No Indication,

no display light glow

1.   Check DC fuse connected or not.

2.   If connected then check Battery Terminals & Wire also check the battery voltage > 11.1V.

3.   May Be Loose connector at battery terminal.

4.   ‘+5V’ Supply not ok. Check ‘5V’ across D13.


NO Load voltage

Load voltage at display show 0 V

1.   Check PTC may be faulty.

2.   Check LVD,LVR,HVD,HVR condition

3.   Check driver section of Q2.

4.   Check overload ( @3.8A) and short circuit (@4A) condition.

5.   MOSFETS may be faulty. If Mosfets are faulty, change Mosfets.


Overload without any load

Overload indication at display and Load voltage is zero.

1.   Check volt. at pin 12 of controller must be less than 1.9V.

2.   Check load terminal may be load terminal is short circuit.


LED not glow  in Battery low

RED led not glow In Batt. low mode

1.   Check R62 resistance must be 1 K.

2.   LED may be faulty


System not Sensing Main

Grid status not showing on LCD display,

Mains charging voltage is not making.

1.   Check AC fuse. It may be blown off or it is not properly tight in the fuse holders before this it should be checked that mains voltage is present at Input Mains lead.

2.   Check mains lead connector, it may be loose.

3.   Check opto-coupler(U10_4N35), may be faulty.

4.   TFR TX1(0-10v/0-220) may be faulty or dry soldered.


System not sensing solar

Battery charging LED not glow or Solar voltage and current not showing on display

1.   Check the solar connector, it may be loose & also check the wire from panel to system it may be break.

2.   Check the solar polarity, solar voltage must be connected according to mention polarity. if apply reverse than system can’t sense the solar.

3.   Check mains lead connector, it may be loose.

4.   Check opto-coupler (U10_4N35), may be faulty.

5.   TFR TX1 (0-10v/0-220) may be faulty or dry soldered.

 Connect Batteries:
    1. Check the polarity of batteries.
    2. Connect the red wire to the positive terminal and the black wire with the negative terminal of the battery.
    3. Depending on the system voltage we may need to connect the batteries in series.
    4. To connect batteries in series, connect negative terminal of one battery with the positive terminal of the adjacent battery. Continue this until you obtain the desired system voltage.
Connect Solar Panel(s):
    1. While connecting solar panel to the system, total solar array voltage must be less than maximum solar panel open circuit voltage of the system.
    2. Positive terminal (+ve) of solar array must be connected to the positive terminal (+ve) of the SPV terminal block and negative terminal (-ve) of solar array must be connected to the negative terminal (-ve) of SPV terminal block.
Connect Grid:
    1. Connect the phase of grid with phase terminal of the Mains terminal block marked as `P`.
    2. Connect the neutral of grid with neutral terminal of the Mains terminal block marked as `N`.
    3. Then switch ON the Mains MCB.