3 Phase Lift UPS 6kVA to 20kVA
3 Phase Lift UPS 6kVA to 20kVA
3 Phase Lift UPS 6kVA to 20kVA

Commercial UPS

3 Phase Lift UPS 6kVA to 20kVA

It is an honor for us to present a Three Phase Inverter which is capable of driving Lifts/elevators & other three phase machines like Air conditioning compressors, water pumps, CNC machines. These three phase inverters are designed to ensure uninterrupted power supply to various industrial houses. It also provides a healthy chance to win the hearts of various industries by its technological advancement  &  remarkable design.
UTL Three Phase inverter is specially designed to run three phase electrical motors by handling high inrush current of the motors. UTL’s Lift inverter proves to be a helping hand during grid absence by generating 3 phase 4 wire output supply from its backup system. UTL’s Lift inverter is embedded with isolated boost charging technology which provides constant charging voltage & current when grid is available. It also senses the grid failure & starts automatically by utilizing the energy stored in the battery back up system.
To fulfill the needs of customers and to make it fit for many applications, we offer various models of  Lift inverter:
1) 6 KVA / 72V DC  
2) 8 KVA / 96V DC 
3) 10 KVA / 120V DC 
4) 15 KVA / 180V DC
5) 20 KVA / 240V DC
Troubleshooting of Lift Inverter
Sr.No. Faults Solution
System ON Problem
Check On/Off Switch.
Check SMPS supply voltage.
Check the reference 1.65V at O/P-R, O/P-Y, O/P-B,I/P-R, I/P-Y, I/P-B, R-Load, Y-Load, B-Load.
System ON problem, O/p not controlled
Feedback 0-10 Transformer may be faulty.
Preset O/R-H/L, O/Y-H/L, O/B-H/L may be faulty.
Output feedback connector may be loose, Check AC voltage at the connector.
3 Load is Resetting (Turning On/Off automatically) Check the Switch weather it is ok or not.
4 System ON But No Output Check the Position of Bypass Switch. For Inverter its Direction sholud be 1 for Inverter Output & 2 for BYPASS.
Less Backup Time
Check the Charger Voltage. It should be 14V/Per Battery.
Check Battery Cut off Voltage. It should be 10/per Battery.
6 Overload in less load Check overload preset O/L-R, O/L-Y, O/L-B.
System is not sensing Mains
Check AC MCB whether it is loose or in open condition.
Check input connector at PCB, it may be loose.
Check input volage in each phase should be in range.
Input Sensing Transformer may be faulty.
System sensing Mains but No output
Check the Rotary position it sholud not be at 0.
Check the Drive of SCR at Pin no. 2 of CN8,CN9,CN10.
Humming Noise in UPS ON time
AC capacitor in transformer o/p may be faulty.
AC Fan may be Faulty.
Upper or lower drive of any phase is improper.
1. Connection with a battery 
• Check the battery’s polarity.
• Connect the red wire to the positive terminal and the black wire with the negative terminal of the      battery.

2. Mains not being detected 
• Check the mains led located on the front panel of the UPS.
• If the LED is not glowing then 
• Check the (input) mains MCB.
• If in off condition, flip the MCB to turn it back on

3. By passing the supply 
• If the system ceases to operate properly, then it is advised to put the system in bypass                 condition.
• For by-passing the system turn the by-pass knob (red and yellow in colour) located at the back   panel of the UPS.
• Turning the knob makes the system enter in to by-pass condition.
Note **
when in by-pass condition, the appliances connected to the system would run directly on mains. 

4. Reset the system when under overload
• When in overload condition the overload LED starts to glow.
• The system to prevent damage undergoes shutdown when excess load is applied to it over a long   duration. 
• To turn the system back ON, remove the excess load that is applied to it. 
• Press the power button in order to reset it.