Alfa+ PCU
Alfa+ PCU
Alfa+ PCU

Off Grid PCU

Alfa+ PCU

PCU (Power Conditioning Unit) is an integrated unit consists of grid charger, inverter, MPPT Solar Charger. It continuously monitors Battery and Solar voltage as well as Grid and Output voltage with their currents.
MPPT based solar charger extracts the maximum power from the solar panels whereby it increases the efficiency of the system. MPPT charger has multistage charging which maintains the battery charging voltage such that it increases the lifespan of battery.
ALFA PCU is a Model of Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) which uses Solar  (primary) and  Grid (secondary), to charge the batteries. Since usage of power from grid is secondary, grid power is only used when solar energy is not present and battery voltage level reduces to 11.5V/Battery (Default 11.5V, Configurable).  

Grid power is also needed when solar power generation is less and battery voltage is reduced to 11.5V/Battery (Default 11.5V, Configurable).

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    Battery selection mode

    In UTL's Alfa PCU you have a great feature that is battery seletion mode by this we can select any type of battery as per requirement i.e Flat plate/Tubular/SMF/Lead acid Battery and can set charging voltage and charging current as per requirement.


    Operating Mode Selection

    • PCU Mode - Priority Solar →Battery → Grid
    • Smart Mode -Priority Solar → Grid → Battery
    • Hybrid Mode - Priority for load Grid →Solar →Battery , Priority for battery charging    Solar → Grid

    LCD display with Energy Meter and Data Logging (optional)

     UTL PCU is also available with LCD. This is an optional feature that can be availed by the customer for better user interface. When the customer opts for this feature, an Energy Meter and Data Logging facilities are also provided to the customer, which help the user to access information about the present and past status of the PCU functionality. In this way, the user can easily track the past records of the unit and thus he/she can have an idea about what needs to be done for better results.


    Pure sine wave

    The output of the UTL's Alfa PCU is pure sine wave. and it operates your appliances friendly . [Top]

    User configurable by LCD

    User friendly calibration settings:-
    You can change the below settings of Alfa PCU by it self like,
    Configurable Grid Reconnect setting
    Configurable Battery Low cut setting
    Configurable Grid low cut/High cut setting
    User friendly operational settings:-
    No load shut down Enable/Disable.
    Grid charger Enable/Disable.
    IT Load Enable/Disable.
    Input AC source Grid/Genset.


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