Electrical Power Transformer is a device which is capable of transferring alternating (AC) energy from one circuit to another circuit in the form of electromagnetic induction. Electrical Power Transformers can step voltage and current to different levels. Power is transferred equivalently between primary and secondary windings and a transformer electrically isolates the end user from contact with the supply voltage.

Most important factor in power transformer design is tappings. We can take multiple tappings from a single winding depending upon the requirements of voltage in different levels.

We are Power transformer manufacturers based in Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh, where we manufacture power transformers in the form of different types of cores (EI Core, UI Core, Toroidal Core, C cores) with the capacity from 10 VA to 50 KVA and customizing multi tap for transformers as per your requirement.

Our power transformer designs and standard testing procedures are UL and IEC Standard approved. We also follow insulation CLASS B, CLASS F, CLASS H for all our power transformers.