combo ups +

Combo UPS+

UTL COMBO UPS is powered by microcontroller digital technology. It was possible through only this technology that all the appliances including Tubelights, Fans & Computer can run altogether which eliminates the need of two equipments for similar applications , at your home or office. So, it is an Inverter built in a UPS.
combo ups thunder

Combo UPS Thunder

Combo UPS+ is now available with another optional protective feature called Lightening Protection. Lightening or thunder is quite common in rainy season and when it happens the discharge of the clouds may go to high rise structures such as over head transmission lines.  It leads to extremely high levels of voltage in Mains supply line. To counter this, we came up with an idea of incorporating this protection feature into Combo UPS+ to protect domestic equipment connected with the home UPS and the UPS itself, from being damaged by this sudden over-voltage.